Some Imambargah follows there own rules Ignored Fiqa rules
Syed Naqvi <>,

May 27 at 5:57 p.m.

As Salaam Eli Kum All;

I would like to bring your attention to a very important issue, such as listening a Majlis, we must pay attention to understand, what we were hearing, we don’t know some time we may listen Kofor.

I attended a Imam Ali (A.S.) Majlis in a west Imambargah, During Salaam guy who recite Salaam said.

Through Mola Ali (A.S.) voice, God said “Kun Fa Ya Kun” Mola Ali (A.S) never said this kind of wording, only God (Allah) Can say “Kum Fa Ya Kum”,

everyone in audience say Wa, Wa, 

How Mola Ali (A.S) respect God, Mola Ali (A.S.) said “I recognized Allah and bow front of him because no one better than Allah to bow and prayer to him.

there were 2 Zakreen and one Molvi was present, non of them said a single word. If they have doubts they can pull out tapes of 20 of Ramadan.

Above mentioned Reciters should not be encouraged and never allow them to Recite such a Kofor in Imambargah.

In same Imambargah they followed there own prayers rules, I hope everyone remember I raised an issue regarding Jumm’a prayer timing, than I attached Agha Sistani Fatwa about Jumm’a prayer timing, now they have there own Maghreb prayer timing, they follow some web site? I lived in same area, in Milton, but I am not agree with them, there Maghreb prayer timing advance 6 minutes from ISIJ, which is in Vaughan, Ontario, 42km away from us.

This is a Fiqa issue but They don’t want to investigate, we can not delaying Iftar without a good reason (our Iftar is already delayed, praying Maghrebeen), otherwise our fasting could be in a grey category.

Here is why I am disagree with them,

What is defined prayer timing;

a. Contours in our Horizon, (which brings black and white separations)

b. land Latitude

c. distance

Example Maghreb Prayer time deference between Imam Khoie Centre, New York City and ISIJ, Vaughan, Ontario, in these days only 15 minutes deference, (same time it go up to 22 minutes as per refer to a.) and 

distance to NYC is almost 800km, 

Keep in mind Vaughan surface Elevation is 218m and Milton Surface Elevation is 194m only 22m difference, How it is possible from Vaughan to NYC only 15 minutes deference, and Vaughan to Milton 6 minutes, even ratio is incorrect but they follow and insist they are right.

I raised this issue to many authentic Ulma’s in GTA, how to determine Maghreb timing in my area, the best answer was, we all used Weather apps,

Weather app also show Sunset and Sunrise timing in local area. Molana told me to add 15 minutes to Sunset timing from app, that would be my Maghreb prayer time, and that make logical,

I hope peoples understand above said matters.

Wa Salaam 

Syed Mohammed Ali Naqvi

Shia Molana is Comparing Imam Musa Kazim (AS) and Prophet Yousuf (AS)
HI Maulana Syed Zaki Baqri Majlis e Shahadat Imam Musa Kazim A.S 2018 @ Al Mahdi Islamic Center

32:30 to 36:00 Shia Molana is Comparing Imam Musa Kazim (AS) and Prophet Yousuf AS in 2018

Letter underneath was written to him in detail in 2016. He again repeated same faith in 2018.

It was great honour to participate in the Majlis recited by YOURSELF last night 0000002016 - subject Bab ul Hawaej. 

YOURSELF greatly successfully highlighted the virus/disease of portraying superiority of our proclaimed LEADERSHIP (silsila e imamat) in our OWN invented WAY.

If WE compare any (RIDE) Horse which belong to our proclaimed LEADERSHIP (silsila e imamat) with any Prophet; proclaimed house of commons - momeneen is very kind and generous to approve it.

In the same speech when yourself presented the comparison study case of 2 masomeen; Prophet Yousuf (AS) and Imam Musa Kazim (AS).
Your favourite candidate Imam Musa Kazim (AS) win 100% votes and other weak candidate was on zero. 
I presume that weak one will think twice to be candidate for 2nd time.

For your KIND INFORMATION, this is the same HOUSE OF COMMONS - who very generously verified KHIALAFAT - 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.

As per my observation this HOUSE OF COMMONS believes whatsoever / whoever deliver from WOODEN PULPIT is acceptable and is faith.

With due apology, these are my concerns as being PROCLAIMED fully agreed from YOURSELF's first part of speech.

I am just wondering; if I analyse the situation; as a faithful Ahle sunnat, Christian, Jew or proclaimed atheist.

[HD] Prophet Yousuf (a.s.) - Episode 39 in URDU
Look at this poor 'Aalim' at the time of Hazrat Yousuf (AS). He started as a joke replying the supplications of the people. Then soon it was accepted as faith by 'innocent' people and 'Aalim'.

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