Muhammad 47:7
يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِن تَنصُرُوا اللَّهَ يَنصُرْكُمْ وَيُثَبِّتْ أَقْدَامَكُمْ
O you who have attained to faith! If you help [the cause of] God, He will help you, and will make firm your steps.

Imam Husayn (AS) said: "Don’t you see that the truth is not followed and the falsehood is not discouraged? (The situation is so severe) so that a Believer wishes to meet Allah (i.e., to die). And today I don’t see death but prosperity, and living with tyrants is nothing but disgust and disgrace."
Hazrat Fatima (SA) said:

You are Allah's servants, who are ordered to carry out His commands for what is obligatory and what is forbidden, and you are the carriers of the burden of Allah's Religion and Revelations, and you are entrusted with the trusteeship of yourselves. You are charged with the propagation of Allah's Message to all the people of the world. (English)

Your Untapped Unlimited Potential
Imam Ali AS: the cure is within you, but you do not see, the disease is within you, but you do not sense. “Your cure is within you, yet you do not sense it! Your sickness is from you, yet you do not see it! You are the open book. You consider yourself a small body; but within you is encapsulated (enfolded) the entire universe!”
The human being has unbelievable ability to reach the highest level (higher than angel and lower than animal).

 Page 43-44
"If a single person is guided to Allah through you, it will be better for you than a whole  universe with all wealth in it."
 Page 44
If you guide a single person to Islam, it's reward is equal to freeing slave from family of Prophet Yaqoob (AS) - Hadith
 Page 16-17
"Every one of you is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock." “Everyone of you is a guardian, and responsible for what is in his custody." - Hadith
Jadid Fiqhi Masael by Ayatullah Sistani

Early Rising Increases Sustenance
Imam Ali AS: Efforts of provision of sustenance has direct connection with early rising.
Imam Ali (AS): Wake up early [in the morning] for there is blessing in early rising; and consult each other for success is in consultation.
Baqi Na Rahi Teri Woh Aaeena Zameeri
Ae Kushta-e-Sultani-O-Mullai-O-Peeri !
Not a bit remains in you of your clear reflection of conscience!
Alas! O you victim of imperialism, of mullah‐ism and mysticism!
Absolute Fearlessness

Most of us are in illusion and misconception that we know everything about life and how to live life. In actual, we don't know and we don't know that we don't know. This hinders us to learn actuality. Only we know our name but we don't know who we are? Everyone knows his/her name; this knowledge is useless. Strive for uniqueness then you will advance to excellence. Our body needs food, money. If we get food and money without hurting rights of others then it's fine. In the similar way, our thoughts, we don't need to have different faces and personalities. Learning before driving a car is the right way to drive. Truth has no need to think about. Thinking means breaking. Everyone is thinking differently and then conflicts rise. Rainbow has seven colors but this is light. In science, thinking means breaking. In spirituality, thinking means looking at things 'as is', without breaking. Union provides you comfort, isolation makes you discomfort. Thinking gifts us dreams. Everyone has different dreams and everyone is sad. When we are not living in present then past and future bother us. Future and past is just imagination and if this imagination is connected to reality then it's fine. But if it is connected to wrong then it's disaster. We are vulnerable to diseases, loss, death. It means future is full of problems. Same is true for our beloved ones all around of us. This world is full of crimes, injustice, dangerous diseases. Even if we are very expert driver, accident may occur due to mistake of others. We can face lack of money, failure of plans. This human body physically is full of worries. This worry is a sign normal intelligence. Even striving to live in present moment is a source of worry. I am present moment is the right approach. This body has created and it will die. So we cannot be happy and in peace while living in time. Taking it as an experience and as a fact is a source of peace and happiness. Time cannot touch us. Time is in us and everything is in time. It needs to be understood actually at experience level, not theoretically or at intellectual level. I am not living in time (this would be a life full of fear, worries, sad, just talking about fearlessness). When time is living in me. Now I have no fear because everything is in time. Time is in our thoughts and in our mind. Thought is in me. When we realize about this reality, then we are free from time (past, present and future). This is a state of absolute fearlessness.

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