Importance of Feelings
To bring joy to one heart by loving help, Is better than a thousand litanies (raka't). To reach and clasp (embrace) a human heart with love; This is the Greater Pilgrimage ; the other, Within the former lives the Life of God, The other’s the dead work of Azir's hands.
Beloved son died but this lady cloak aside the dead body of son to help her husband to manage and sustain this huge shock. This great lady was able to receive blessings of Holy Prophet PBUH.
Allah revealed to Prophet Musa (as): “The next time you come to converse with Me, bring along someone who is inferior to you.”
Musa (AS) set out in quest of such a person but failed to find one, because every person that he encountered, he did not have the nerve to think that he was superior to that person.
Then, deciding to direct his search amongst the animals, his eyes fell upon a diseased dog. He decided to take it along with him. He tied a rope around the dog’s neck and began pulling it but after a short distance, he regretted his action and set the dog free. He returned empty-handed to have his conversation with Allah.
“Why did you not bring someone along with you, in accordance with My order?” came the voice from Allah.
Musa (AS) beseeched, “O’ Lord! I failed to find anyone who could be inferior to me.”
The reply came from Allah: “By My Might and Glory! Had you brought someone, regarding him to be inferior to yourself, I would have surely erased your name from the list of Prophets (and relieved you of the rank of Prophethood)!”

Think Before Be or Having a Companion
Imam Zayn al-Abidin (AS) in his counsel to his son al-Baqir (AS) said, ‘My son, beware of taking a fool as a companion or mingling with him; keep away from him and do not converse with him for verily the fool is a lowly person whether he is absent or present. When he talks he exposes his foolishness and when he is silent he displays his inability to express himself. If he acts he spoils and when he is given responsibility he fails it. His own knowledge does not suffice him and others’ knowledge is of no benefit to him, he does not follow the one who advises him, his associates do not find rest [from him], his mother wishes to be bereaved (deprived) of him, his wife wishes to lose him, his neighbor wishes to live far from him and the one who sits with him would rather be absent from his company. If he is the lowest [in status] in the gathering he abases (behaves in a way so as to belittle or degrade someone) those above him and if he is the highest of them he denigrates (criticizes unfairly) the others.’

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