The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘The best of your brothers is the one who helps you to obey Allah, prevents you from disobeying Him, and orders you to please Him.’
Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘The best of your brothers is the one who rushes to do good and draws you alongside him, and orders you to do good and helps you with it.’
Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘Test your brothers with two things, which they must possess; otherwise avoid them, avoid them, avoid them: observing the prayers at their prescribed times and helping brothers during hardship as well as ease.’ ‘Whoever from among our companions seeks assistance from one of his brothers, who does not exercise his full efforts [in trying to help him], then he has betrayed Allah and His messenger and the believers.’ ‘Brothers are three [kinds]: one helps with his own self, and another helps with his money, and these are true in their brotherhood. A third is the one who takes from you what he needs and keeps you for some of his pleasure - do not consider him trustworthy.’

Self-less soul; is best strategy for yourself own first of all. Real satisfaction of others is real satisfaction of your own. People, sometimes, unnecessarily provoke you for help. This is not real help for both sides. Emotional blackmailing from any side is worthless. Make a daily routine of doing a small act of kindness for those who are unknown to you and having no expectation in return. Examples are; simply feeding a hungry, sharing a thought etc. This tendency will grow and will encompass the whole universe and you will feel unlimited happiness. Start self-talk positive consciously. In a while it will become your habit and will start working unconsciously. How you can measure value of real smile! Doing anything with heart is deep, doing anything with mind is not so deep. Small kindness and little moments of love have big importance. Heart can expand with unlimited space. Wherever you can, do real help meaningful, not superficial, meaningless.

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