Eid Mubarak

In the name of Allah
Iran stands firmly against corruption throughout the world!
In his Eid al Fitr speech today, Ayatollah Khamenei assured the world that the people of Iran were incredibly enlightened and awakened, spiritually, and that this collective enlightenment only increases within the country: "This incredible nation is awakened and inspiring. This nation is not weary like some people from other countries claim. Foreigners say that the "Iranian nation is exhausted," yet they are the ones who have exhausted themselves. The Iranian people, after minimal sleep, gather in the streets and march in Quds Day rallies: this alone proves that nation has not given up, Iranians are not hopeless. Our great nation regards any field of action as a competitive field. Spirituality increases day after day among our people. Each and every year, especially during the month of Ramadan, our people's spirituality and hope increases. ~This can only indicate the steadfastness of the Iranian nation, despite unethical policies that aim at dissociating the people from religiosity and spirituality. Iranian people, bravely, stand against a world that transgresses towards corruption and decadence. Many of those responsible for expanded efforts against corruption are young, energetic individuals of this country. To simply have youthful populations with elevated degrees of spirituality is of enormous value for a country: this protects and safeguards the independence and greatness of our country for quite a long time." ~ Ayatollah Khamenei

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