#747, The Two You's; there are two people living inside all of us. Strong; rock, disciplined, confident, positive, faithful, big dream, mostly good, God loving, easy going, committed, kind, defending, good morning, great to see you today, one you in you, new creation, Potential, dreams, spiritual faith modifies the worldly desires and wishes, temptations are not ruling me. Doing right things even not feeling comfortable. 

Weak; insecure, compromising, rude you, compromising you, negative, discouraged, discourteous, denying, flesh, say what you feel, holding grudges, good to feed the flesh with no results, 
These are contradictions, inconsistencies. But if someone pushes the wrong buttons; rude, harsh; hidden you comes out. Has been hidden for long time. 
Battle constantly taking place between two Us. Hidden good nature and redeemed new nature. 
Old man get dead but it got resurrected. 
Materialistic living will kill you.Your dreams, potential, relationships will die. Can't say what you feel, holding grudges. Apparently it would look good but with not good results. You wouldn't be going where you supposed to be. 
Spirituality helps you to modify the worldly temptations. 
Keep doing right things will help to keep down the temptations. 
Discipline looks unkind but it harvest the great as a result. 
Walk away when someone insult you, instead of insulting him back. 
Stay at home and study for exam when friends are calling outside for having a fun. 
Comfort all the time won't help to grow. 6 40
Great to see you today; Can't stand to see you

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