I Am Too Weak
My God, many of enemy drew up the sword of hostility against me, honed [sharpened (a blade)] the dagger's (a short knife with a pointed and edged blade, used as a weapon) edge, sharpened the arrows' points, made ready deadly poisons, leveled his bow at me, and, keeping an eye on me, harbored [keeping (a thought or feeling, typically a negative one) in one's mind, especially secretly] evil thoughts to force me to swallow [cause or allow (something, especially food or drink) to pass down the throat], against my will, the deadly bitter poison.
Thou (You) came to know that I am too weak to bear hardships and too exhausted to withstand misfortunes, and took notice of my shortcoming that I cannot confront the enemy who had planned to attack me, and perceived my isolation amid (surrounded by; in the middle of) the multitude of gathering enemies, sitting in ditches, ready to pounce upon me, while I gave no thought to sitting in ambush and retaliating. So with Thy might, Thou came to stand by me, and Thy (Your) help made me strong and disappointed him in spite of the larger number [of his forces], by rendering his weapons unserviceable. And Thou (You) gave me the upper hand over him by catching him in the very trap he laid for me, and threw him into the abyss (a very deep hole that seems to have no bottom) he dug for me, and gave no hand to his grudging (Unwilling and reluctant) deed, and did not allow him to assuage (to make milder or less severe; relieve; ease; mitigate) the fury of his anger. Biting his thumb, he turned back on his heels, and his comrades, ashamed, dispersed in haste.
So praise be to Thee (You), O Lord, in [Thy (Your)] invulnerable Omnipotence (infinite in power), and prudent (careful and avoiding risks) Forbearance (the quality of being patient and being able to forgive someone or control yourself in a difficult situation). Bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, and let me be among those who thank Thee (You) for Thy (Your) bounties and remember Thee (You) for Thy (Your) favors.

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