People Are of Two Types: The Learned and the Seeker of Knowledge
“The people are in two groups: knowledgeable ones and those acquiring knowledge. The rest of the people are like flies subject to the wind and such people will be thrown into the Fire.” Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS).

Importance of Knowledge
“The most learned of men is the one who gathers knowledge from others on his own; the most worthy of men is the most knowing and the meanest is the most ignorant.” 

Potential of Freedom and Limitation of Submission
'Only you can free yourself from yourself.'
Sometimes, "extra security and protection", offered from parents and society, limits you to achieve the highest possibility of the creation, the purpose of the human creation. In return we have to accept chaining, fastening, binding, shackle, lock up, attachment, stringing; fear and greed; limits our desire to achieve our highest possibility; the purpose of life; human nature. Unrest, discomfort, dissatisfaction, sadness, unhappiness; is rooted with this conditioning.
Animals and birds push out their babies after necessary specified time. Some babies even die in this push. Conditioning works so effectively that tiny chains can control big elephants; giants become addictive to do tiny things.
Freedom is absolute; it has only two extremes. It has no %age adjustment. It is there or it is not.
There is difference between animals and human.
We chain animal physically but on mind level; we cannot chain them; bird will always fly, snake will always sting.

This is human; it accepts conditioning; fear and greed are conditioning tools for human. Human has capacity to do much more with freedom as compared to what he performs with conditioning. All negativity (jealousy, comparison, status, fame) in human society is rooted with this conditioning. Understanding, knowledge, wisdom; can help human to get rid of this conditioning. Misconception, fake desires, illusion; money is the only solution.  Money may give you survival / comfort; not necessarily happiness. Reality is that we can earn more money without surrendering our freedom. 

For bird flying is the highest possibility (the desire of bird's nature).

Spending money and resources where it is needed; is logical and stretching the need and over spending is result of conditioning.

Importance of being 100% in Present Moment, never 100% (past, present) means incomplete life forever. Holding many glasses of water and numbing arms. Sticking with past experiences is sign of death. In the same game; basket ball, cricket, soccer; no two balls are same, no two strikes are same. First experience can never be repeated. Imperfections, weaknesses, conflicts; are proof that we are not robots (plastic). Thought process needs to be controlled. If someone is angry or posing mood; it’s democratic right they are using. You must not give them control, you handle the situation. Be open to accept everyone with every experience. Every moment is new in life. Let’s enjoy life for the present moment.

We need to Overcome the FEAR of Pain / painful experiences; and Desire for Pleasurable Experiences with wrong perceptions. Every being has some good and bad characteristics; so you can get good and bad experiences accordingly from one and same person. Nice word’s impact, mango taste, enjoying present moment; never change. It is affiliated with any situation.

People are spending money in restaurants; not enjoying the present food, photoing and texting; Keep yourself fresh from inside and you will enjoy each and every moment. Eagles / flies fighting and living together. Animals do the same. There is heavy traffic and other situations; be sad and crazy; this is proof of your stupidity or enjoy the live amusements; all is there for accidents but people are moving with no fear and concern in mind.

Focused Energy; Break up, abandoned relationship, separation, divorce, action against our will, no fulfillment of burning desire, walk away of any best friend, death; it results in anger, hate, frustration; a focused, concentrated energy inside; which one cannot achieve in any other situation in routine life. The intensity and measurement of this focused energy depends upon the severity of the situation. For example, attack on babies of a mom. Now she will protect with full force. 

The challenge is to control and channelise this focused energy for constructive use skillfully. Great memorials in history are proof of this concept.
There are two types of energy; routine, passion energy; it is limited; it has chance of distraction. The other type is focused energy; it is unlimited; it has no chance of distraction. The great possibility is to mix this focused energy with passion and use its creativity.
100 percent mental involvement (passion, anger, hate) and 100 percent physical presence are two different states. Ponder on the motives of motivation and demotivation. Great people are tension free. They are 100% in present moment; not stuck with past memories, not anxious with false future plans. Job is another demotivator. You have fix income, in spite of putting more than what is expected. Celebrating (it causes our brain to release dopamine which prepares us to find more ways for this type of occasions) tiny improvements and adventures; it helps in motivation.
Taking into account the negativity from self or others has same effect. Not focus on 95% which is not done ideally; focus and celebrate 1-5% which is accomplished. If we look at the richer and poorer; these two scenarios leave different effect on us. Use this synergy on other routines. Listen; prison of ego is full of fear; it is a state of isolation and loneliness. Doing small petty jobs with honour will help you harness this ego / fear. Link / attach small achievements with big ones. Achievers face failures / distractions / challenges. 

Life is more important than health, wealth, career, position, fame. Life is dependent upon nature, planet, galaxy; this all need to work perfectly to run this life. Learn art of Living in the Present Moment. If we can focus on present moment then 99.999..........% is in favour (right) and only 0.000......1% is not in favour. Some people proved it while others ended their life for tiny stuff.
Keep your mind busy with useful exercises; ask your mind meaningful questions. Then it will be focused and will try to find solutions. You can make this moving mind static by questioning.
After establishing this concept, now expand your circle of interest; people who keep you above their own self; parents, sincere friends. They think about you; all the time ready to sacrifice
Learn the difference between pleasure (instant, temporary, too little) and happiness (long lasting, permanent). Touch your own body, nature, flowers; and feel pleasure and happiness with complete understanding. Some people not good at school had very successful life. Present moment is the real; don't try to find fragrance in garbage.
Look at your dream career successful person at the age of 60 with all health and other issues. He would be happily agree to trade your young age 25 with full blossom. Due to false race of life; we don't stop and focus on these points. Money may give you survival / comfort; not necessarily happiness.
Comparison make life miserable; fish are trying to fly; birds trying to swim. Life; I can think, I can see / hear / smell / breathe. As is my life, I'm happy. Speakers learn from listeners. The speech changes the life of speaker. Listeners help him to learn and grow. Sharing is growing; sharing is business. Sharing happiness means growing happiness. (Start of Absolute Freedom Journey)

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