Cost of Insult
Imam al-Kazim (AS) said, 'Nothing is more hurtful to Iblis [Shatan] and his army than brothers in faith visiting each other for the sake of Allah.’ 'Whenever two people insult each other, the more superior of the two sinks to the level of the more inferior one.’ When he saw two people insulting each other, said, 'The initiator is the more unjust and bears his own sin as well as the sin of his opponent as long as the latter does not retort (come back with).’

State of Perfect Peace

What is the wisest way to live life and what is most stupid way to live life? Whether the person who lived happy life or a successful person in the view of world but very weird from inside, no satisfaction.
Breathing and living life is the real reason of living happy life. Postponing happiness is not wise at all. Failures, problems, sadness; are part of life and should be superficial, temporary; not deep. Inside should be full of blossom and joy. What we have; we know no value and importance for that; we are only focused on what we don't have. What we are targeting; we are believing that is important but real is the present one. Garbage is around (past and future); present is blossom, fragrance. The person who is not happy with blossom (present), its very rare chance that he can be happy with garbage. Career is important; it is feeded in mind from outside  (society) through conditioning (fear and greed). You will get everything in your mind but it will be at the cost of your health. We never stop and prioritise important things in life. Look at trading of age 60 and 22. Health, relationship and happiness are closely related. But all important things are realised when we lose them. Money, career are at the top of the list. This is just stupidity. Health must be top priority. This would be attained through gratitude, thankfulness. This is prayer. Thanks God for granting me great health, mind, parents, relationships. Don't put conditions for gratitude at all. Focusing on positive side would be helpful. Don't take it as normal routine. Celebrate it with core of your heart. This is the wisest state. If you are not thankful, and grateful what you have; you would never have happiness focusing on items you don't have. Education degree, job, company politics will magnetise your full focus. Body, health, eyes, ears; a lot of things to be thanked, continuously with each and every breathe. This is state of perfect peace.

Business Tips

I thought; what to do after high school (10+2); I started a help line. Enrolled at NIS National Institute of Sales and Marketing; institute offered a Referral of 20% which induced me to start help line. I was a high school graduate and I was providing consultancy to high school graduates for career planning; fantastic. Many people called; 1 person enrolled. 4500 earned at expense of 2500 at the age of 18 plus invaluable experience. Gained confidence and learned how to talk to the people. Joined another institute; that institute had activities like role plays, group discussions, presentations. This all was helping to grow my confidence level. Joined another institute and left uncompleted. I tried a job interview for a call centre with no success. I was lucky that I was away from comfort zone; a routine once established; is very hard to quit and change. After grade 12; attended a multinational company presentation; it touched my heart. I got acquaintance; up line, down line; multilevel marketing (liquid soap marketing business). I decided to make my own. Same size packing I invented for Rs 15 which company was selling in Rs 400. I failed but got great experience. That company was a big dream place. But without success quit. No need to share your dreams to over aged relatives.

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