5 Tips to Control Fat

Cinnamon; fat burning spice, stabilize sugar in blood, powerful anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties; 3 gram or 0.25 tea spoon in the night before sleeping with warm water; can use like tea
Black Pepper; Kali Mirch; helps in metabolism speed which burns our calories, controls the production of fat cells, it has anti-oxidant; use in vegetable, salad and yogurt
Green Tea; Helps in burning fat; it contains green tea has caffeine, catechins, Polyphenol; 2-3 cups a day
Boiled Eggs; 2 in the morning; white part has little calories; only boiled; fried has much calories, helps in metabolism speed

Cardamom; sabaz choti Elaichi; helps in metabolism speed, Lowers Bad Cholesterol; chew or use in tea
Drinking water helps to lose weight

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