Profit and Loss Share Investment
Confidence level high for truth speaking people; when you tell a lie according to situation and your apparent benefit; your confidence will be shake and lowered. Lies bring fear. Truth brings bravery. Achievements cause confidence level high. Parents and family's prayer help to grow confidence. Success is a long journey; covered by small steps. No need to compare with others; contented with what they got have better confidence level. Faith is more valuable than wealth. Two messengers came to Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani; one told bad news; a big loss; he smiled. The other told about great profit; he smiled. Profit and loss was secondary for him. He was fully absorbed in prayers and remembrance of Allah SWT. His profit and loss was not attached to business.

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The Best of People
Be expert - even in small job; There was competition of painting between Chinese and Greece; Greece were expert in painting, Chinese made spotless mirror wall to reflect that painting. Taster (hotel); negotiator (real estate, match maker), selling skills. Brand yourself; product, services, handicraft, cake, coffee, story teller, learning, changing the thinking; make you happy. Try small trades; respect and honour professionally. Do every / small job with excellence. 

Try all of keys you have - may be one of those work. Do small jobs with delicacy - Creator will reward you. Dish washing, one can remember a cup of tea with a family for a long time. Taking notes, dressing with uniqueness, car parking. Small actions may become your recognition. “The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind;” Hadith. Conquer your fear. Age is not barrier; wish, passion and emotions (jazba) grow. Make difference between earning and passion. Become giver, doer. You will be honoured. Desires / passions grow. Prove to be a person of integrity with zero tolerance on values and standards. Use your energy today. Delay in using energy is deception. Don't wait for tomorrow. Feelings on different locations; spend some time with your imaginary ideal; don't take feedback from wrong person; 65 year business man was living without family - his wife was living in Canada (8 years); he decorated a room for her; next day he died. It was shocking for me. Don't keep your passion unapplied. It's injustice to the passion. Today will never come back.

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Criticism is a Virus
Criticism locks the capability. Elephant is chained and shackled with a small string. With the growth; it is little by little loosened but with a same small size string is controlled for whole life. The string is same size as used.
There was a neighbourhood of frogs. Four of them fell into well. The outside ones shouted motivating them to come out. They tried to come out but no gain. Now outsiders started cool talking. This is sad, they cannot come out now anymore. Three of them died; fourth kept on trying and came out. All were gathered around him; with surprise. They came to know; that he had no ears. So this a tip; not listening is a tool of success. Criticism is a virus; enemy of capabilities.

Shakespeare - the Name in History
School run; Ran behind Deer from window of class
Life is not bed of roses. 
Job; Curtain drop and curtain lift in drama show in open theatre
Very delicate job; Time oriented
Character and his action; he was paying attention; he was looking closely
Character cannot tell what he is; e.g, singer
Character needs many factors to prove
Dialogue; General and soldier; do and die
Dress; Scenes must be connected

Eye is looking and mind is synthecising

Shakespeare; 32 dramas; all characters from start and end of the world

Approach matters

Apple drops; only one Einstein is there

Time tells; not event

Learning is different for all 70 participants

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