Belief Has a Structure
Belief Has a Structure; It is clarity of concept 'what is in our control' (what can we do) and 'what is beyond our control'.
It's very important to differentiate between belief and superstition.

We can categorize people in two groups a) Listen a lecture to enjoy; b) Want to learn, want to go in depth.

When we born, we are soft and weak; at the time of death human becomes stiff and hard. Truly, what is stiff and hard, is a “companion of death or close to death”; what is soft and weak is a “companion of life or full of life”. 

So if you want to be alive; you have to be flexible; not just in terms of body; in terms of mind, in terms of thinking, in terms of beliefs. Let's be ready to change. One day of life makes huge difference. I should be ready to accept facts. I have to be flexible to the extent I can. How to be unstoppable; Law of Attraction (Power of Dream / Imagination), Illusion to Reality.

Roulette game of casino; one person applied Law of Attraction (Power of Dream / Imagination); just imagine what you want to be; act like that and you will become. Makes 35 times whatever you spent. He chose ZERO and tried for 15 times; means spent 15; won 35. 2nd time 30th time, next time 3rd time. On that he told that he earned on that day 90,000. Winner become gambler. Losers never. Casino is not a place to win but this guy established belief to win.
First my belief was that just think, imagine and get it; now I'm  in a state of modifying my thoughts and this modification I'm here to present. 

Indirectly the whole world is becoming gambler; addictive. If my Law of Attraction worked, I am OK; otherwise blaming luck. Actually there is no such law; Law means scientifically proved. 

Three Levels of Existence; Physical (Body), Physiological (Cells, Tissues), Psychological (Thoughts, Desires).

Every existing items have different frequencies / levels of energy. Everything is made of atoms; Here energy vibrates at different frequencies (stone, jacket).

Same way our thoughts have different energies / frequencies. We cannot measure it. It's on hypothetical level. Non measurable cannot be a law. “Every one of us is an aperture through which the whole cosmos looks out."
Superstition experiment; a pigeon was kept in a cage; every 3 minutes a robot was supplying a grain (feed). As starvation was increasing; the greed was increasing. Pigeon got frustrated; moved around in the cage; sit and grain came. Moved around in cage, sit and grain came. Pigeon superstition (hypothesis) established. Actually grain was in man's control (the robot); not attached to pigeon movement. 

When don't know what is going behind and we attach ourselves without any reason; is superstition. 

Law of Attraction; Ask, Believe and Receive. Immediate Action is the key. It increases probability. 

Alone immediate action is not guarantee. Accept and establish the things beyond our control; it's a lot, it's huge. Focus on what can we do. 'The only way to clear your mind is to stay grounded in reality'. 

Confidence Within - Beliefs are so Powerful

The person was not real 'John D. Rockefeller', cheque for $500,000 was not real; but it helped that broken business executive, deep in debt, to stand up on his feet. Now imagine if someone uses this analogy to real religious beliefs, how powerful thoughts are here.

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