The Islamic Nation is a Powerful Nation
We have to rely on our own capabilities and people. The Islamic nation, which is a powerful nation thanks to Islam, will never submit and bow to enemies of Islam. We have to be a source of inspiration for other nations. If we step back, the enemy will step forward.

We Like Cleanliness
Not only read / listen, take action. 

We try to find happiness outside. We observe scenes. Those scenes leave photos on our mind. 
When we are in front of camera, we become conscious. We believe that this photo will remain for a time. In the same way, there is a camera in our mind. Every thought in our mind, every self talk is recording in our mind. Once some memory recorded, will never be deleted. We have to take care of this every moment recording. We have smile for our photo session. Same way we need to smile from inside. We don't have to feel bad for anything from inside. We have to adjust ourselves from inside; forgetting about past bad / sad memories. Sticking with past memories in our mind is hurting only and only to us.
You are drinking tea with a friend; tea dropped on sofa. Immediately we clean it. We don't wait for tomorrow or some other day; right away. In the same way we have to clean our mind. We like cleanliness. We don't like clutter. Clean your brain too. Why we tolerate this bad memories clutter of mind. 

Creation is based on clarity, purity, peace, relax.
Someone did something, said something; it started staining to our mind; with anger, unhappiness, jealousy, fear, pain; now we accepted it as nature; no, control it. We have reshaped the nature. Now we have accepted normal as abnormal and vice versa. Now we are there wandering around to find happiness.
We are begging for love, respect, honour, follow me, obey me. Others are demanding same. So all sides are beggars. Everyone is begging. When we get nothing on begging then we got hurt / anger more. We people are fresh in morning, a bit tired in the noon and deadly tired in the evening. Rested in the night and again fresh in the morning. Same is life cycle. God is giver, people are taker. Giving hand is better than taking hand. Prayers - supplication.
New Toronto - in the same way new Personality.
New is not only outside development; new roads, new buildings. New may mean new way of thinking, new communication skills, new way of dealing; New world, New city.
This sadness, this unhappiness, anger, jealousy, insult, deceive; from where it came; we did that, we seed that, we begin that.
Positivity; new thinking we will start / bring.
There was time; we were ready to help strangers. Now we are not aware about our neighbour. Next stage is not far we will be unaware about within our own house. Then next stage; forget about ourselves; where we are going?
To eliminate negativity, we have to work / start on positivity.
Thinking builds the personality.
By changing our way of thinking, we can change the world. New city, new world.
Anger controlled; giver, praying for others; even for wrong doers, anyone there; doesn't matter.
When we go to mosque, holy places; even though we are sinners; we have weaknesses; we pray to make up for the weaknesses.
Our weaknesses would be removed and we will be changed. Can we do this for each other? Creating great thinking for each other, praying for each other is a big help. Sometimes we do opposite of it.
For example; one person in one house has anger in nature; now people all around are introducing him with anger distinction. This type of behaviour will help to grow / strengthen this type of attitude. He was born like this. This is his nature, will never be changed. These type of comments are detrimental. 20 00
Whatsoever we think in our mind, it's waves / vibrations reach the other person and put impression. Relationship is not which we declare; it's what we think for each other. 70,000 to 80,000 thoughts we create everyday. 1) Every thought creates a feeling. Quality thinking quality feeling. 2) Every thought we create affects our body. 3) Every thought we create affects the person for whom we think. 4) Every thought we create affects environment. House, community centre, holy places (every where people create the environment). It's quite possible that we can make same environment in our homes with same attitude as we have in the holy places. No anger, no taunt to others, praying for others.
With changing way of our thinking we can change the universe. No need to stick with past in our mind, if it's bad or sad. How many days we can have trash in our house. Same is the effect of past memories in the brain. These past memories are affecting our health. Every problem starts from the mind; anger, insult; we remember for whole life. Purify your mind; this is cleaning your body from diseases.
Why we don't forget our past? WHY they did with me? I did so much good for them but even then they behaved like that. As you sow, so shall you reap. Thinking, speaking, doing is seed (energy and vibration; we generate). Same comes back to us from other side. What you did was great but at the moment what you are seeding; look at. Seed = Luck. Why we don't apply it in our routine life. Pure Seed = Pure Luck. 

Throw and strike a ball to a wall (seed); with the same force it's coming back (Luck). Some body insulted you in the public; it's reaction. Why am I insulted? What's my fault? What I'm doing right now; I'm sending negative energy. At some point of time I did something wrong, so now I'm getting the reap / reaction. First it was started from me. I threw the ball, now it's coming to me. It doesn't matter, when, how etc. Sometime I did that. Now what can I do. Can I change them? Then why I'm burning so much myself. With this anger and emotion; I'm again doing something wrong. They will do what they think is right. You can do whatever you want to do for them.
Why they are not following me? They think, they are doing right thing. They even don't know what we are doing / talking about them. Everyone lives, behaves according to their own thinking. We have the ONLY option. Don't spoil yourself behaviour due to someone else. Suggest, suggest, suggest; but don't expect that others would must follow. With expectation / anger; my thinking started distorting. They are acting according to their thinking. Due to others are not following our suggestions, we have no right to feel hurt. We have to generate positive energy; no anger, no feeling insulted. Especially when we are in position that people have to follow us. Then we got hurt easily. And we will create something negative. We can control ourselves. Let them do their part. According to their understanding they are doing right. If we don't like their way, we have to save our right part. What is coming back is reaction (reap). What we are sending is seed.
Lie, wrong, anger, misbehave, bad deal; is seed or reap. Sometimes it was seeded. Today what we will do is new seed. Past we are unable to change. 40 00
New ball is in our control. Can we pray for those who do very wrong to us? I will seed, I'll reap in future. What I'm seeding; others will not reap.
Now to pray for those who are doing wrong with me or thinking bad; would be new seed from myself.
How we think when we select gift for someone? What is criteria? The level what they presented, more or less same to them.
But if you are starting new and you are sure that next week it will come back, then you will buy as per your choice. It's same as seed. What they gifted, don't consider. Consider what you want that must come back.
What they gifted is our focus in routine life. What we want, we have to gift so that it would come back.
What they did, we are doing same. What they said, we are saying same. What we need; love, peace, happiness. Give everyone these gifts; not only to those who are good to us.
What is difficult to think good for them who are wrong with us. Someone insulted me yesterday; now I'm thinking bad for him. To whom I'm hurting; myself. But if I'm thinking, he is nice, it doesn't matter, what he did yesterday, it's OK. Maybe I did something wrong and he noticed and as a reaction he did wrong. This is my new seed, and I have to reap it.
My seed is for me; hurts or appreciates / flourishes. Who is stopping us to think good for others. Our ego and this ego is not promoting / helping / encouraging / upholding / raising / upgrading / elevating / supporting us. It's rather blocking / ceasing / halting / impeding / stopping / weakening / repressing / preventing us. I seed, I send a ball; now I changed myself, my position changed; ball will come back or not; this seed I will reap or not. Changing dress is not affecting account. Ball will come back, the seed we have to reap. The dress / position would be changed on both sides but the balancing of account still remained. Giving, taking will remain there.

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