The employer  of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) sent him  to sell idols in the marketplace. Once there, Ibraham (AS) would call out to passersby, "Who will buy my idols? They will not help you and they cannot hurt you! Who will buy my idols?" Then Ibrahim (AS) would mock the idols. He would take them to the river, push their faces into the water and command them, "Drink! Drink!" Once again, Ibrahim  (AS) asked his employer, "How can you worship what does not see or hear or do you any good?" Employer replied, "Dare you deny the gods of our people? Get out of my sight!" Ibrahim replied, "May God forgive you. No more will I live with you and your idols." After this, Ibrahim (AS) was forced to quit job.

During one of the many festivals that would take place in the city, the people would gather in their temple and place offerings of food before their idols. Ur's most prominent temple is the Great Ziggurat, which can be seen today. Ibrahim (AS) would ask them, "What are you worshiping? Do these idols hear when you call them? Can they help you or hurt you?" The people would reply, "It is the way of our forefathers." Ibrahim (AS) declared "I am sick of your gods! Truly, I am their enemy." After several years, Ibrahim (AS) became a young man. He still could not believe that his people were worshipping the statues. He laughed whenever he saw them entering the temple, lowering their heads, silently offering the statues the best of their food, crying and asking forgiveness from them. He started feeling angry towards his people, who could not realize that these are only stones that could neither benefit nor harm them.

Lesson 1; Either follow the system or follow the path of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). It's clear line. 
Following the system brings temporary and apparent enjoyments of life. The problem is this enjoyment is not permanent. Following the path of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) brings good name and successful life in this world and hereafter.

Ibrahim (AS) wanted Truth and didn't worship the stars, moon or sun. He wanted to know their Creator and worship the only True One. Once the pagans went to a festival, but Ibrahim (AS) faked feeling sickly. He smashed all the idols but fixed an axe on one and felt very quickly. The angry pagans roared, "Did you kill our gods?" wanting all the facts, clever. Ibrahim (AS) said, "Why don't you ask the big idol holding the axe?" They said,"Idols can't speak!" He said, "Don't bow to what you make!" "Idols can't help or harm you, so Worship ALLAH for goodness sake!"
Lesson 2; Either follow the system or follow the path of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). It's clear line.

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  1. Lesson 2: Logically bring out weaknesses of the existing system with it's inability or failure to complete intended tasks.