A person named Abdul Ghaffar Nasrani once posed the following questions to Imam Muhammad Baqir [AS]:

Q-. Who is a true Muslim....?
Imam Baqir [AS] replied, “One from whose tongue the Muslims are safe.”
Q-. Which is the best worship.....?...
Imam Baqir [AS] replied,“Patience”
Q. Who is a better believer.....?
Imam Baqir [AS] replied,“One who has the best behavior.”
Q. Which is the best Jihad.....?
Imam Baqir [AS] replied“One in which the legs of the warrior's horse are cut off and in which his blood is spilled.”
Q. Which is the best prayer......?
Imam Baqir [AS] replied,“That which has a prolonged 'Qunut'
Q. Which is the better Sadaqah......?
Imam Baqir [AS] replied,“Remaining away from prohibited things.”
Q. What do you say about visiting the rulers.....?
Imam Baqir [AS] replied,“It is not good for you.”
Q. I intend to visit Ibrahim bin Walid, the ruler of Syria, in Damascus. Is there anything wrong in that.....?
Imam Baqir [AS] replied, “Paying a visit to rulers attracts one towards three things, love of the world, forgetfulness of death and less contentment on divine will.”
He said, “Since I have to maintain a family, I aim to gain monetary benefits from there.”
Imam Baqir [AS] said, “I am not asking you to forsake the world, I am only asking you to abandon sins.” 
Ref- AKHLAQ AL-A’IMMA, MORALS & MANNERS OF THE HOLY IMAMS - Contentment Of Imam Muhammad Baqir [as] vol 1 pg 33

An introduction to seventh infallible Hazrat Imam Baqir (AS)
● Whoever tries to perform the errands and works of the Muslims and eases their difficulties is like the Muslim martyr who might have martyred in the battle of Bader and Uhud.
● To lie is from the desolation (emptiness, destruction) and depravity of faith.
● God does not like the scurrilous (making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation).
● Avoid languidness (extenuation, without energy or spirit, without interest or enthusiasm, sluggish, inactive) because it is the key to every indecency (indecent behaviour) and ruins and spoils the religion and the world (worldly affairs) of man.

Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS)

Guftar e Dilnasheen (Urdu)

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