The following is an abstract of the exclusive interview of Mr Ashraq Burq (UK resident) S/O Muhammad Younus Burq (Thunder). His father, Muhammad Younus Burq, was a close follower of Allama Mashraqi. Mr Burq feels his duty to talk about the facts that may be helpful to analyse community issues because this indebted from his father to speak for truth. Mr Burq selected few topics for discussion from his book. Mr Burq is writing with his in depth research on Living in the West.

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In Pakistan we have classes of society - Labour, Army Officers, Business class.
When our people migrate; there are usually two reasons for this; (a) for Allah SWT or (b) for worldly gains. Eighty per cent of our immigrant community falls under immigration for worldly gains. To some extent this desire is fulfilled with this move. However after getting resources, it brings some responsibilities including; the balancing of monetary expenditure; tawakkal, shukr and distance from greed. At this point the community has acted in opposite to this. Greed is adapted and tawakkal, shukr are not embraced.
Ninety per cent of people believe that there is no chance to go back to live in their native lands.
The general consensus is that the immigrants are entrapped in their need to show off, particularly so with the female population. When they visit Pakistan, they wear full gold on both arms. At West home, both husband and wife work shifts in low paid jobs to fund their "showing off" habits. They made 2-3 houses here in Europe and one big kothi in back home Pakistan.
Over there a poor man lives with his family to look after this kothi and provide this foreign visitor for 2-3 weeks when this couple visits back. This is finding of a tableeghee jamaat. This poor man is responsible for yearly painting and keeping the kothi in good condition on the expense of the European immigrant. 
The poor man lives with his family in this kothi on the expense of these Europeans who in turn are driving taxis almost for 22 hours a day. They are unable to rent it due to fear of qabza. The only satisfaction is to suppress and depress those people who have no chance to come over to Europe and look at the miserable life of these unfortunate people. This gentle lady works in ASDA (a supermarket), in bank - low paid jobs and both curse each other to compete to make more and more money without proper food and rest.

Life Style
The average sleep time for the immigrant community is between 1 and 5 hours according to a survey. This is due to a tight schedule of work and heritage socialization habit. It is very rare to find someone with a good and normal natural life cycle.
If one could see these immigrants in Europe, they would recognize them as beggars / badgers (bijjoos). They may have million dollars in their account but they are now accustomed to a poor persons' lifestyle. They save electricity and live without good food and clothing, because both are working to save money to show off.

Better Half
If better half is a 'working wife' or 'sitting at home' watching all cultural shows / affairs, this working 'husband' with whole day / night challenges / tiredness of workplace approaches 'home' is welcomed by a woman with a permanent 'migraine' (the very famous political disease) tightly tied head with a very old colourful cloth. As a bonus, the entire 'kids committee' siding with the queen, shouts at this head of the state as he is a thief, money stealer; sending all the money back to his mother, sisters and family.

Female 'Supportive Hand'
In most of the cases this 'kind heart female' starts some job to conventionally prove her misery and being a 'supportive hand'. But 'kids committee' and others take no time to approve and promote this volunteer / conventional activity into an important part and parcel of running the show, 'house', 'family' and 'fame in the community'. 

Female Gets Favor From The System
In the west the Darwinian system is prevailing. The male is under observation permanently because of his harsh / dominant nature.
This system is fully 'supportive' for 'kind nature female'. So now this female has unlimited privileges. Only she is needed to generate an alert or formulate a bill. It's almost already approved by 'kids committee'. 
If 'husband' is taxi driver, he is lucky. He has 'freedom' of flexible working hours so he prefers 24 hours working on the road or by the road because he can try few naps by the road due to human nature and has a very good excuse to escape from presenting himself to a totally 'biased' 'kids committee'.
If the police or system is involved, the male is not listened at all due to his harsh / dominant nature. This 'kind heart female' is listened and followed with full attention. With one phone call of female, this 'harsh / dominant nature male' becomes under observation for life time.
It seems like the west is 'supporting' democracy all over the globe with the exception of middle east.

Dominant / Harsh Male Psychology
Once this Dominant / Harsh Nature is challenged and as a result this male loses interest in any business and earning money. He may find no motive to work hard. It results in a drastic decline in efficiency and income. This cycle keeps on circling. Both are blaming each other for low income and high expenses of routine living. Darwin with his system and supporters are silent on this chaotic / ridiculous situation. Perhaps they don't have any solution. 

Business Tribe Role
With the growth of population, one can very easily observe a exploitative business tribe. With their smart play they have set very good business lines; they have managed to import the food items and other daily use stuff in poor currencies and sell in dollar and pound with unlimited margin. 
Those with a high income have two choices. A good portion of their income needed to pay to the government as tax or invest into community. They generously prefer the later option. One can see grand mosques, community centres with healthy ulamaas inside 'serving' the community.
No body bothers to think that a faithful business man is allowed to take very limited profit especially on food stuff. Side by side this 'business tribe' generously spends on 'cultural shows'. This is a very successful mechanism. One can very easily observe that poor is getting more poor and wealth is multiplying on the other end.
This 'Business Tribe' is in hierarchy of close relations with political parties and member parliaments to keep alive their status of spending tax money safely for 'community development'.
Nawaz Sharif has very good skills; but he can learn a lot from western business tribe for multiplying wealth without any leaks.

Grave Selling Business
This 'Business Tribe' has a very lucrative business line of grave selling. In UK, one dead body costs 6,000 Pounds to get buried. Same is in all west, including North America (Canada and USA). In one UK city one gentle man made it free for the community (a good example). 

Cultural Shows
The cultural shows are another account to be discussed; another trap of non Islamic activity. This culture the 'business tribe' is trying to promote through these shows is not Islamic. The sponsors (business tribe) is apparently not answerable to any where.

Healthy Ulamaas / Respected Islamic Scholars
This is very pivot role category. This tribe has very close relationship with 'Business Tribe'. This is a very beautiful chain of Government Tax Free collection of donation from 'Business Tribe' and then providing structured lip service to ordinary crowd in their own language, with their background cultural touch and a spray of few Islamic references.
This is a huge mechanism of oppressing the ordinary working class crowd whose blood is halal for all this shining system. If you go to any Islamic Centre or any Cultural Show; you can feel in your back home for a while. These tribes are utilizing the deception and misconception very successfully. They have enough support of 'loyal back home cultural touch loving majority'. Now here majority is authority rule is also acceptable and now it's halal. 
No body has time to research and study the real root cause of the problems of community. Apparently system is running with matchless success. 
No body has that much expertise to stand up and systematically can get attention to say something because he has no record of contribution in establishing community centre and its reasonable running expenses. This may require some large-scale collaborations to investigate. 
The youth is the main sufferer in this whole dilemma. There is almost very little or no participation of youth in this 'loyal culture loving innocent crowd'.
This 'loyal culture loving innocent crowd' is no exception. Once they leave this culture centre / show; mashaAllah; they face very very different severe weather, strict land laws (totally different with the culture they were grown up), hard earning (almost none) opportunities. Youth are lucky; they used courage to abandon participation in this circus. Now this 'loyal culture loving innocent crowd' is stretched between very very powerful tribes with no logic / answer.

Here Ashraq Burq is quoting the verse of Holy Quran, At-Tauba (The Repentance) 9:19; Do you consider the providing of drinking water to the pilgrims and the maintenance of Al-Masjid-al-Harâm as equal to the worth of those who believe in Allâh and the Last Day, and strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allâh? They are not equal before Allâh. And Allâh guides not those people who are the Zâlimûn (wrong-doers).

Now let's talk about the youth. From very first day unto growth the youth observes this idiot, nonsense couple living together without any etiquettes or manners of parental responsibility. When they are asked for marriage, they have no ears to listen. Then they try by their own; Love Marriage or Marriage without love. Mix marriage is also quite popular in this advanced / educated society. Mix marriage means Love Marriage with a touch of arrangements. It's better not to mention, the success rate and run time because both youth sides are the output / product of same complications. Some qualified professionals are also trying interfaith marriages but the result is no different.

Community Support
Community should be appreciated for supporting all the 'professionals' and 'business tribe'. 'Professionals' and 'business tribe' have developed their own culture to run the show. Let the poor be more poor; Let the weak be more weak and let the wealth multiply.

Free Legal Aid
One can easily find the free legal aid clinics but again the services which are free, you don't need most of the time and services you need must have multi billion backing to enjoy.

Free Medical Services
With this background of complexities; doctors are trying some physical translation of diseases which is not possible. Almost each and every person needs Tylenol to live regular routine life. 
Then comes the prescription. Mostly doctors try to practice Tylenol 2 and 3. If condition is not under control then you have to be very careful that exact tooth be extracted or right knee is to be replaced. Otherwise, if by mistake, you got someone else's reports from the computer, doctor it is not responsible. Doctors are insured for multi million insurance policies.

Free Education
The system provides free education to a good extent. But again the complexities at home and no proper placement after education is a matter of consideration for immigrant kids or first generation. When kids look at miserable condition of their parents as a result of low paid jobs; as courtesy they jump into help and sacrifice fruitful career pursuance.

Bank Credit
Banks in the west are very cooperative with the condition to work non stop to pay the price. If one poor person stops working due to any reason (sickness or being fed up) then the banks have very strict rules. Also here is a very distinct line between small loans (5,000 - 10,000). This is for the regular labour class and not easy to be approved. Other is business class (1 Million to 1 Billion or more) for class which has some credibility and not difficult to be approved.

Interfaith Harmony Movement
In many centres the management, imams and general public has the consensus to observe interfaith harmony. They made themselves very clear about the advantages of convincing with logic and love. People are very much cooperative and they show their detachment from hatred environment.

Encouraging Examples
The community is very rich to lead by example. A youth was there who in his teens was able to maintain his night prayers obviously along with his obligatory ones throughout his life.

Lead by Example
Some entrepreneurs are willing to share their expertise on volunteer basis.

Panel Discussion 
Here in the panel of discussion is one immigrant driving taxi for last 22 years, one gentle man working in factory for last 47 years through recruitment agencies (with no hope of being permanent employee or any salary raise). Here is one professional who invested 42 years of his life in the west; out of this 42 years he worked for 15 years in middle east but with the same comments as previously discussed. 
The reason for sharing these facts is that if some body has not reached out abroad due to some reason, must have some know how that there is heavy price of this whitewashing and westernizing. A detailed study is underway and inshaAllah soon we will be able to update all these atrocities and deceptions. 

JazakAllah for watching and reading. 

This is the result of abandoning Quran and Sunnah. 

Al-Furqan (The Criterion) 25:30 
And the Messenger (Muhammad SAW) will say: "O my Lord! Verily, my people deserted this Qur'ân (neither listened to it, nor acted on its laws and teachings). 

Al-Ahzab (The Confederates) 33:21 
Indeed in the Messenger of Allâh (Muhammad SAW) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes for (the Meeting with) Allâh and the Last Day and remembers Allâh much. 


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All Solutions Team got the chance to visit UK Community for two weeks (12 - 26 July 2017). The team was able to interview 50-60 community activists, ex-mayors, Politicians, community leaders of different associations, leaders of prayers, entrepreneurs, business community, professionals with the help of Mr Ashraq Burq. The places visited; London (Slough, Greenford, Staines - Heathrow, Windsor, Southall, Stanmore), Manchester, Birmingham, Lancaster, Luton, Brighton, Glasgow - Scotland. 

The interviewee wishes to point out, in case it was not already obvious, that the opinions he expresses below are his own, and they do not represent in any way those of his various affiliations. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the interviewee and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of All solutions Team.

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