An-Nisa (The Women) 4:112

4:112 But he who commits a fault or a sin and then throws the blame therefore on an innocent person, burdens himself with the guilt of calumny and [yet another] flagrant sin.

Al-Ahzab (The Confederates) 33:58

33:58 And as for those who malign believing men and believing women without their having done any wrong - they surely burden themselves with the guilt of calumny, and [thus] with a flagrant sin!


Everyday we have some events which please us and our energy increases and vice versa. This all is controlled by mind. 

There are habits to strengthen soul; by remaining peaceful, by giving, by kindness, purity, making pleased others, less expectation, 

There are habits to weaken soul; anger, greed, jealousy, gossiping, backbiting, cheating, more expectation, unintentionally hurting people

There are medical check ups of body; same way we have to check our mind.

If we attach our inner to the external things; we will become unhappy (dependent)

If my inner / soul / mind is in my control then it is strengthened (independent).

On average we interact 10-15 people; it's impossible that all people be on same page with me.

Still we are blaming them and hurting ourselves (because of, because of, .... )

My mind remote control in the hand of others; they are changing my channels.

Angry on which scenario ........ our reaction; Try to do different reaction (imagine) - avoid, keep quiet etc (exercise).

Why at that time we couldn't think about different options

Why we lost our energy (because of .... ); the surrounding people also help to endorse our action; this resulted inner programming (habitual).

Keep on discharging our battery (happiness, contentment, vibration all gone weak); me, my surroundings, my society

We caught in different diseases and it affected our relationships, divorce; health, diabetes, - so called NATURAL / NORMAL
Losing everything because of, because of, ..... Now I have no control 17:00

Can we avoid blaming - because of ..... Are we able to take other options? we just imagined with closed eyes; we can do

We have the option; remain peaceful, quiet, joyful, anger, roar, cry (All are options and blame is common because of ... )

Same scenario - all people present react differently - not same. If it was because of then everyone should have behave in same way.

Mic is automatic; it follows on/off button (it will follow anyone); are we automatic or have choice? 

We have choice - we may choose healthy / unhealthy option.

Is anger healthy choice? 

Healthy Lifestyle; we have to take care of healthy thinking - more important

Some food we don't eat; even others force because doctor has told us not to eat 21:00

One in a family; cancer patient (average)

WHO (World Health Organisation); 07APR2017 year of depression - depression legegstock (stat 1 in 4); this has caused from loss in mind business

After even knowing; if we don't care; this figure will increase.

Battery is discharging by anger, negativity; it's fast growing

Let's stop saying; I've no time for me.

Can we live without anger? It needs decision. This habit is deteriorating me. I can't see this deterioration / Battery is discharging right now. This habit is affecting my health / relationships.

Am I able to change this habit?

We control anger sometime and other time we let it work; it means; this is controllable. This is choice. Whenever we show anger; we discharge our battery. If I have control on one place; why not on other place. Consequences are huge.

No smoking areas (e.g, 8 hours in the office - control on the habit); we can use same control after hours.

We can teach our mind like a child. If you stop child; he will cry for 2-3 days and then forget. We are crying for life - we wish that world should follow our way. We cry every day; we have trained our mind that people have to follow me.

Let's admit; people have no need to follow me. We have to develop new habit. Discipline our mind with new style.

Advice to CEO; no need to try like acting anger; even acting needs to create anger inside; take disciplinary action. 
Close doors at 6:00 am and close firmly (for late comers). 
Implement disciplinary action!

We show anger for a while; we get reaction / reward / bonus for whole life. Wow what an investment! And if someone has hurt due to us, we will never be happy (and we have created a source of -ve energy forever) due to this investment.

If we teach him with love; it will generate +ve energy (battery charge). These are prayers (feeling happy due to us).

He forgave me; it was big fault from my side and he forgave me from heart and mind. He developed love and respect in my heart 32:00

Now people remember -ve for long time; return is much more; so invest considerably

Be disciplinary, not reactionary;

Every morning; repeat; I'm a peaceful being; I accept everyone as they are; this is conditioning / programming of mind

From anger habit transforming to peaceful habit; this will strengthen soul 

When this change process will start; it will grow

We talk about the habits of other people; (zero result); we complaint of no free time.
-ve thought creation process will weaken the battery.
-ve vibration will travel to them; they will do the same and so on

We should think; how can we work / deal / live with them.
When other people come and say bad things about other people and we accepted that; -ve energy process started; consequences are enormous.
Change the topic; do not react; what we listen, becomes part of our memory and then it is shown in the actions; now it will become our character.

Dress, habits and other -ve topics affect; white dress needs more care; same is energy field.

Now can even scan the energy colour; yellow, red, blue, grey. 
If I will talk hate, weakness of others, it will toxin my brain; it will change energy colour. 

If one touch dirty hand to white dress, it will the dress 


If I start talking about +ve qualities of others; it will brighten our energy field. If I start talking about -ves of others; it will weaken our energy field. 44:00

We can choose our painting in mind (dark or bright) by trying to seek in others (+ve or -ve). If someone start -ve, we can switch it by saying; that's not true he is good. 
We have made two shifts in one sentence (his / her and ours'); this is opposite to endorsement.

There is no one who only has weaknesses / strengths but we are looking for 


Someone lied and caused us hurt; now we are considering him the total lie; again responsibility comes to us.

Anger; can be replaced by - discipline, assertiveness, patience, caring, quiet. 

Negatives of others; not thinking about, no talking, no listening. 
If we come across people who only focus on -ve then we will request to change the topic. 

We can say; Doctor has advised me to not talk / listen like that; let them alone feel bad because they already feel bad (don't worry about them, worry about yourself). 

Why we become part of evil to show courtesy! 

If someone is corrupt in the office and we take plea he will feel bad if we don't involve in corruption, we are not supposed to follow him / her (this is not courtesy). 48:00

May be they would start thinking to follow us but if we followed them to be partner for their pleasure, it's not their help; it's bad for both.

How society develops; it start from single and then it grows; good or bad way; no need to show false courtesy to each other.

One who is on dieting; will never take the fried; even you force him. 
With losing self you cannot make happy others. 

To make happy others you may do every thing; still no body will be happy 50:00 

I did wrong in eating to please them but they are still unhappy. 

To make some one happy; needs healthy vibration transmission. 

Doing wrong will not make make any body happy; first we have to take care of ourselves. 

Use will power; stop means full stop; otherwise whole life will go like confusing. 

In eating, in other routines, every where; quit backbiting, sad stories and repetition. 

Replace all talks with healthy talks; otherwise everyone would be out of energy; and no one will be happy. 
Their routine is their intro and luck; our case also same. 
Will / soul power must be increased with self-control, self-discipline. 
Every venture goes well but if soul got disturbed then all will go wrong. 

If soul is strong; it will control the situation / problem otherwise situation / problem will drive the soul. The way we think, we will become; we need to use will power to think out of box.

Expectations from others, it lower energy battery; the higher the expectation, to feel good I would need a list of conditions. 
From this large list even if one item would be missing, I will feel not good; we have never ending desires. 
Energy high; Battery full; zero expectations;
False Expectation; Ideal Behaviour from other people; Never Achievable and I would never become happy. Is it fair to have expectations from others? 
No one abide by uniform code in training / seminar; Should I feel sorrow / sad! 
Good people are those who abide; we are habitual (bad habit) of finding the people who can follow us.
How I was thinking, they followed, very good and opposite very bad. You were able to do but you didn't; I did a lot for you; I travelled a long way to get here.

We have developed vocabulary like this; Do we talk in routine life like this or not? Reason, Logic; WHY; If he has not what you want, OR he don't want to do what can he do? Before expectation at least I should check whether he has or he hasn't the capacity. Are other people wrong or I and my expectations? This is analysis of expectation. 1:03:14

If you feel hurt; be assured, you are wrong due to wrong expectation / choices / options; they are doing their best in their capacity / choice / they want.

You are free for your choice and same is with others; instead of expect, accept; which one is natural.

Close relations become sour due to expectation and not acceptance.
Due to nature all people have different thinking. People come different backgrounds, incidents.
If your house is in noisy area and some guest come from quiet area, he will become upset; but you will not because you accepted it (this is power of acceptance).
Everyone is right according to his own circumstances. 1:10

It's long journey; we are supposed to deal with different temperaments (mizaj) - my, my, my, me, me, me, I, I, I - this all adds up to unhappiness / conflicts.
The information we feed to our mind make our thoughts; the only way to make it +ve; we have to change our inner.
We start our day from news of violence, terror, loss (newspaper, TV); it will affect thoughts.

Treatment; Diet change; 30 minutes in the morning; choose pure, powerful intake (information and food).
Change violence, terror, loss with peace, love, compassion (forgiveness); diet has direct relationship with health, same is effect of information.
Put effort for few days; after few days we have enough time.
We need time to charge our phone to use; but if we are too busy to charge our phone then we would be unable to use our phone.
We need one hour to charge our phone or use power bank.
Let's take few seconds to charge ourselves; we have enough time; you command yourself.

We are assuring and repeating to make believe ourselves; we don't have time, we don't have time, we don't have time.
Try with your child; repeat for him; I don't have time, I don't have time, I don't have time; he will start telling you; I don't have time, I don't have time, I don't have time. 

Mind is like child;
If you start assuring your mind; I have time, I have time, I have time; on fourth day; mind will be with you; saying; I have time.
Be careful for your mind; it obeys you completely.

Treatment; Diet change; 30 minutes in the morning; choose pure, powerful, +ve; RECORD and LISTEN; READ, WATCH; charge your mind battery with +ve intake.

Mind intake; keep away from diet of FEAR and ANGER.

We are inhaling vibrations (energy)along with eating food.
Even someone is cooking with anger; avoid that eatery; otherwise it will affect your mood; take the control.
What someone is thinking in mind while cooking food, it transfers into food (+ve / -ve).
While cooking / eating - which energy we have to induce.
While eating - watching TV will take the control - 10 min while eating meal should be full of energy, away from contamination.

Why we like communal free eatery (langar); because energy is higher over there as compared to home.
Cook food with +ve energy; remember Almighty before start eating; +ve energy / vibration created and induced in food; HIGH ENERGY FOOD / DRINK.

Have a look at Holy water; all the time remembrance of the Creator over there; same we can experience at home.
While drinking / eating - stay for 30 sec to create +ve vibration.

City vibration contaminated / polluted water with all negativities. 
Eating, drinking, reading, listening, observing; everything has its effects.
Small acts drain / charge battery; don't let sufferings contaminate water; when we all will believe that there is no problem, there would be no problem.

Meditation (right thinking) is lifestyle / is permanent; is not temporary.
If we are not taking care to charge battery; it would not bear charge due to -ve environment.
We need every second person with full charged battery.
We are not going to change anyone; change ourselves and let's see how others get changed.

HOW to deal with CONFLICT / difference of opinion - occasionally; then stop communication (no talking); 2-3 hours / 1 week / 3 days.
Then we start talking to ourselves; these self talks bear no good quality; Silence (+ve / -ve) very powerful; it affects the whole environment(children, friends).
Then use the children to communicate; can we reduce this silence gap to 3 min / sec; we can allocate the time span / gap / vacuum; back to normal.
This unhealthy silence may affect our health; In actual we are sensitive about health of our kids and kins but at the same time we are doing opposite over here; for both - theirs and ours.
I'm not going to eat; Let's eat together; come back to normal instantly.

Why I should bear everything because I know my value, I know the value of relationships; this is just my nature; I think I'm right while doing this.
Deeper you bow, the deeper is the respect or gratitude; the more flexible you are the more pain you can withstand 
Albert Einstein: 'The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.' Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.
Flexibility is sign of being healthy. Stiffness a sign of pregnancy / unhealthiness 1:31: 11
Try to be expert in bowing;
Lifestyle is not only what we eat / drink, what time we sleep / exercise. 
Lifestyle is how we think / speak / behave!
Lifestyle diseases start from mind.

10 days exercise; peaceful, accept everyone as they are; no talking about weaknesses of others, no need to listen other's weaknesses (very damaging); expectation is not natural, acceptance is natural; morning start 30 min pure, positive thinking; before sleeping 5-10 min same; before eating / drinking remember the Creator; if something happens get back to normal immediately.
Learn meditation, get battery charged.

If some one else can perform extra ordinary why not we; it is through continuous exercise; never say, I can't do.
Not fully successful but did to some extent; never say to yourself, it's difficult, always say, it's easy.

+ve silence exercise; I'm divine being, look at yourself, I have white circle around me, I have pure energy circle around me. Clean, pure thinking. Every of my thought, word, behavior is for service of everyone. I accept everyone as they are. We have choice; working with others, our behavior is stable. I am angel of the Creator. For service to everyone. Whatever I listen, read, observe, eat, drink I'll use all with high energy. My purity is gift for all, it gives happiness, peace to all. From today onward my lifestyle changed; thinking, speaking, behavior; all changed. Check your thought, word, routine during meditation. +ve silence empowers us. 

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