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a) Witness to be performing regular prayers for each other.

b) If one is not well versed in recitation, is able to take the benefit of leader of prayers recitation.

c) In healthy societies it's very easy to get acquaintance the condition or situation of each and every individual altogether and then act accordingly to help each other.

d) Must recite verse; You alone do we worship, and from You alone do we seek help (Al-Fatiha - The Opening1:5). The word "we" entices the reflection of group, not individual. In addition there are narrations that if the prayers of one individual from the group accepted, this may score more chances the acceptance of prayers of the group as a whole.

e) Loneliness is drawing attention as a problem of considerable impact. One may feel a lot of strength and courage when he is among like-minded community people. Sometimes he can find the possibility of psychic resolution.  

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