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Pl see below e mail from brother Qassam, a great Mujahid and Humanitarian working in Syria
I am receiving mails from him for quite a while now
Any body who wants to help Syrian people or have more information, can contact him directly

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Subject: One week experience in Syria

Salaamun Alaykum,

I have spent last week in Syria, sayyida Zainab area for a charity project. The area is crowded of displaced people from all over Syria, most of them are displaced Shia and some other sunnis who live on the other side of the holy shrine behind al Meraj hotel. There are some hotels which are opened for visitors who mostly come from Iraq but expensive bcz they have electric generators.

I stayed with Abu Hamza, Afghan friend, in a humid basement apartment, which has mosquito, bugs, etc… so that I save the money for the charity purpose.

People live there in dimness even during the daylight due to the frequent cut of electricity, which sometimes lasts for the whole day and night. Most of men work in fighting everywhere under Hizbullah, Iran, Iraqi battalions, or Syrian army. The standard pay to be given to a mujahid is 40.000 SP which is round 90 USD. Prices are very high there and not so different from prices in Iran or Iraq though the income is very low.

Other families have nobody to work or to fight so they survive on little aid given to them from here or there. Sayyid hakim office may give to some needy families 10$ a month, Sayyid Seestani's may give 5$ every few months, Emadad charity may give 10$ for particular families registered with them with some conditions of age, etc.. There might be other aids but do not work for all or regularly. These are the sources I heard people talk about.

There are many urgent patient cases who wait for any aid to make surgery or to medicate themselves. I visited some of them and took photos and tried to help for food only from the charity money I have had from few charity people. Myself and my team were able to help round 300 deprived families and orphans for 20$ minimum to 40$ for some other cases or big family. Some other cases have been provided with urgent food reliefs during the Eid of Fitr.

It was very fortunate to find a way of money transfer, food and medication to the two Shia towns of Kafareyya and fo'aa كفريا & فوعة which are under very tight siege since 2 years in the north of Syria near the Turkish boarders. Nobody can enter and leave the town. People are starving there. We have identified more than 100 very needy sadaat families there with their contacts and full information. It was very fortunate to find a way to send a good amount there and the people we trust there are now purchasing wheat and grind it to distribute it among them. One kilo of wheat there have become 10 times more expensive than Damascus price and rarely can be found. People bear risks to bring it through very risky ways. The same with other types of food. Sometimes helicopters may come to throw some medications and food from high distance because the surrounded areas are very dangerous to land. It is only 3km(2) area surrounded by terrorists from all sides.

One when comes back home feels guilty to enjoy life, food, safety, electricity, etc. while some people there are starving. It very sad to meet people (I know) who were very proud before and now are crying of need.

I came once from Damascus to sayyida zainab area by a van/minibus. The price was 100 SP= 0.20 $. On the way away 5 km away of sayyida zainab area, there was a lady waiting with her 3 kids to go to the area on the Eid Fitr. She asked the driver how much you take, he said 50 SP=0.1 $. She said to her kids let's go walking but the driver made a discount for her and she agreed. It was very hot and far to walk.

May Allah help the mumineen there and everywhere.

Salaams and du'as.

Qasim Assady

From the holy proximity of sayyida zainab (as)

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Posted by: Ahsan Abbas <sdahsan@hotmail.com>

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