Power of Woman Betrayal: The Real Stealer of Womenity/Humanity Exposed:
Bilble and Quran says; man is the maintainer of woman.

In the white men world women has more power / educated / resourceful.
White world deliberately put women in front. White world is more “kind” to women; to bring them out of their homes. They are provided jobs easily as compared to men. Men are told; you are over / under qualified.
Women are running the show. She has money and money holds “power / control / heavy voice / her mouth out of control / she pays bills and can disrespect to anyone at home”.
She is not able to see hidden hands / not able to see bigger picture, the slave master (the stealer of veil). White Kingdom “empowered” her with money in her hand.
Many women know that men with more intelligence, more education / qualification are not getting hired without any reason.
This is White Kingdom’s betrayal. When he offers the “immigration”, he has bad intention; he has in his mind the plan; reversal of nature; he hires the women; gives them money; legs down the men with no job, no money. If it is justice; we may rise equally side by side.
God has not created man inferior but in current scenario – he is put in weak position.
Kingdom of God is different than Kingdom of White; even both are opposite.
White confused us to forgotten womenity / humanity; psychologically made women feel like men and vice versa.

Why women especially are under betrayal through their own-self?
Power of Woman Betrayal 1/3
Why women especially are under betrayal through their own-self?
Starts 21:00, her migration facts from Kingdom of White man to Kingdom of God.

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