A group of "All Solutions Team" female youth had some sessions with Donna Farrakhan Muhammad. The purpose was to find out a solution to the problem our society is faced with
 right now.
Donna Farrakhan Muhammad is a minister, former "Sister Captain" of the Muslim Girls Training (MGT). She is the daughter of Louis Farrakhan and Khadijah Farrakhan and is the world's second female minister in the religion called Nation of Islam. Minister Donna Farrakhan Muhammad is second in history to Minister Ava Muhammad the first woman minister in the history of Nation of Islam. She is the wife of Leonard Muhammad.

Farrakhan's daughter says white man has made black women into men - 
Reversed the Role

Here are some recommendations of the group:
When women are "empowered" in the society, they have responsibility to take the charge of reform. The rate of divorce and never married is increasing in North America, West and in westernised culture. This problem is less severe in poor and under developed nations and culture. Those poor people are more family /culture oriented. On the other hand; so called resourceful families/cultures are more vulnerable to moral corruption.
Holy System vs unholy system was discussed in detail during these sessions:
Why unholy system empowered women – not in the benefit of women but for the benefit of their unholiness. Whatever may be the reason; once women have become empowered – at the same time they have become answerable to the Creator for deterioration or reformation. Unholy system exploited womenity in the disguise of empowerment utilizing their simplicity. At the same time unholy system is very much afraid of the awakening of humanity.

Detailed discussions are underway, how can “empowered women” prepare themselves to be able to serve the Holy System of Creator and give a surprise to the patrons of this trap. How unholy system traditions /rituals can be overcome by Holy System traditions /rituals?
Reverse the role is one option. If unholy system forces in one direction – act opposite. If unholy system makes men weak with its tactics, women can and are ready to take the lead to empower the Creator’s obedience message.
If in any part of the world men are less in number, not resourceful, weak due to unholy system's tactics; women will have to take the lead and sacrifice their “empowerment” to serve Creator’s message and obedience.

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