How close is Islamic Revolution in Iran to the Nation of Islam in America?
Change is on the doorstep A

Lion never retires, dies as lion. Die on post in the struggle of freedom and justice. God is with oppressed, not with oppressor. Slave mentality is different. Destructive behaviour. Big people grow like snakes. (Banker, Senator, CEO). Slaves unluckily, not working for God, but for white masters.
Begging / hoping for freedom. God was only once mentioned in a school program. Real attribution is not there. We are betraying each other and ourselves with bills / money. A virtuous woman is more precious than silver and gold. Beauty of woman. Man is like fly landing on manure. Dropping some, taking some, leaving none valued. You women don’t waste yourselves as manure. Where there is no virtuous woman, there is nothing nice. Female must be under protection. Instruction manual of vehicle, beauty, creator. Bible and Quran are instruction manual. 52:00 Once a represent is not following the requisites, it’s like burning flag of country. Challenge to respect, integrity; authority brings affliction. Real protection is under God. Mothers used to teach respect of teacher. 

Power of Woman

Why women especially are under betrayal through their own-self?

Power of Woman
Why women especially are under betrayal through their own-self?

What is God doing in my life.. Joyce Meyers

Joyce Meyer~How to succeed at being yourself (in detail)

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