Al-'Ankabut (The Spider)> [29:69]
وَالَّذِينَ جَاهَدُوا فِينَا لَنَهْدِيَنَّهُمْ سُبُلَنَا وَإِنَّ اللَّهَ لَمَعَ الْمُحْسِنِينَ
But as for those who strive hard in Our cause -We shall most certainly guide them onto paths that lead unto Us: for, behold, God is indeed with the doers of good.

Chap 99 A SENSE OF A GOOSE: Page 74, Birds use thrust of one another, fly in “V” form increasing 71% fly range. If a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag, when head goose feels tired, it rotates back and another takes the turn. If one got sick or shot; two other accompany and help until that one dies or get back to the “V” formation. Stand by each other.

Building Free Homes for Wounded Vets

Build Bridges Not Fences

 “What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.” Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.(1922-2007); Writer

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