A Training for Public Speaking

“99% of the population is afraid of public speaking, and of the remaining 1%, 99% of them have nothing original and interesting to say.”

“The first sign of greatness is when a man does not attempt to look and act great. Before you can call yourself a man at all, Kipling assures us, you must "not look too good nor talk too wise.” 
Why Is Public Speaking Important?
  • developing critical thinking skills,
  • fine-tuning verbal and non-verbal skills,
  • overcoming fear of public speaking,
  • it will enhance your ability to conduct and analyse research
Summary of the Benefits of Public Speaking:
Public speaking can enrich the speaker's personal and professional life, and also provide opportunities to influence the outside world.

Benefits of Public Speaking (Developing courage, Building confidence)
Those who died committed a Husaynic act. Those who remain must perform a Zainabic act. Otherwise, they are Yazids.

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