001. A POND FULL OF MILK: 01, King ordered to fill a pond with milk in the evening. The pond was filled with water instead of milk next morning.
002. DON'T CHANGE THE WORLD: 03, King’s feet got hurt. He ordered to lay leather on all roads in the country. His minister suggested him to cover his feet with leather and try.
003. THE TRAVELLERS AND THE TREE: 03, Branches look not so beautiful, no fruit, still providing shade.
004. LEARN FROM MISTAKES: 03, Thomas Edison tried 2000 materials to find filament for light bulb.
005. THE BOY WHO CRIED 'WOLF':04, The boy cried “wolf, wolf”. Never lie to avoid big loss.
006. THE FARMER AND THE STORK: 04, Stork was caught in the company of other birds while destroying newly sown corn by a farmer with net. The company you join becomes your introduction, so think before joining.
007. THE HARE AND THE TORTOISE: 05, Never be proud on your fast speed, beauty or any other priority.
008. THE ANT AND THE DOVE: 05, One hot day an ant was drowning. A dove saved her life by dropping a leaf near the struggling ant. Ant bit the hunter throwing net towards the dove saving her life.
009. THE MONKEY AND THE DOLPHIN: 06, Dolphin saved life of monkey from broken boat. Then monkey started boasting and lying, introducing as prince of the island. The dolphin left the monkey alone telling him; be think the king now.
010. THE FOX AND THE STORK: 06, Selfish fox joked, invited stork (long beak). Fox served soup in shallow bowls. In return stork invited fox and served soup in bottles. A selfish act can backfire on you.
011. THE WOLF AND THE LAMB: 07, Lamb went away while grazing sweet grass. Wolf was there. Lamb used wit, suggested wolf, wait until stomach full of grass digest. Let me dance. Ring hard the bell. Wolf sat down, waiting until dogs of shepherd came to frighten the wolf. The gentle and weak sometimes can be cleverer than fierce and strong.
012. THE FOX AND THE GRAPES 07, Sometimes when we cannot get what we want, we pretend that it is not worth having.
013. THE THIRSTY CROW 08, If you try hard enough, you may soon find an answer to your problem.
014. THE MILKMAID 08, Thinking about growing cow, chicken, goats; jug broke and milk split onto the ground. Don’t count chickens before they are hatched.
015. PARABLE OF THE PENCIL 09, Five things
a)      To do great things only if you allow yourself to be held in someone’s hand.
b)      Painful sharpening to become a better pencil.
c)       Be able to correct any mistake you made.
d)      Most important part inside.
e)      Writes on every surface.
Be Best Person
a)      Be team up with God.
b)      Go through problems of life.
c)       Correct your mistakes.
d)      Most important part inside.
e)      Be dutiful in each and every situation. Leave your mark on every surface.
016. THE BOY AND THE APPLE TREE: 10, Boy got grown up. Getting benefit from the tree. Play, eat apples, selling apples. Tree offered branches to build house, tree offered trunk to make boat for sailing. Tree offered roots to sit and relax. Kids and parents parable.
017. THE ANGEL: 11, God and child talked about mother: from Heaven to earth transfer; helpless, understanding talk of people, Heavenly sing and smile, how to talk to God,
018. THE DEVOTED MOTHER: 12, Mother duck and little ducklings going to lake. On the they saw a fox. Mother laid her wings on the ground pretending to show as hurt. The fox followed her to a safe distance. Then the duck flown in the middle of the lake and little ducklings followed too saving their lives from fox. Some birds drag their wings on the ground when an enemy is going to attack. In this way they fool their enemies into thinking they are hurt. When the enemy follows them, this gives their children time to escape.
019. MENTALLY RETARDED!: 12, Seattle Special Olympics; nine contestants, all physically and mentally disabled, 100-yards dash, the race started, one little boy stumbled on the asphalt, tumbled over a couple of times and began to cry. The other eight came back, all nine reached the finish line together linking their arms. All people in stadium were impressed. Why? Because deep down we know this one thing; what matters in this life is more than winning for ourselves. What matters in this life is helping others win, even if it means showing down and changing our course.
020. PAID IN FULL: 13, List of services a little kid prepared for $14.75. List of services his mother made for no charge.
021. BEAUTIFUL GIFT!: 14, A father gave beautiful packaged Holy Quran on graduation of his son. The son got angry and left the house. He turned a very good business man and raised a wonderful family. This took a while. He got a telegram with death of his father. Father left a will to transfer all possession in the name of son. When son went to collect, he found the Holy Quran package still there. When he opened the package, he found a dream sport car key with a tag of dealer info and a note “fully paid”. – We have many packaged gifts which we don’t open due to our impatience.
022. WHAT IS A FAMILY? 14, Five year old son asked his father, what per hour he makes ($20). Son asked for $10 to make his sum $20 and then requested to spend an hour with family on next day dinner. Time spending with balance.
023. TRUE WEALTH: 16, Rich father and son visited a farm house poor family. Now son compared number of belongings: dog 1:4, pool: creek, electric lights: stars, patio: horizon, a plot to live on: fields, we have servants: they serve others, we buy food: they grow, walls for protection: friends, poor: rich
024. A HOLE IN THE FENCE: 16, Anger control, losing temper is like hammering a nail or scratching a surface which cannot be hailed by saying sorry. Be careful when talking.
025. GRANDPA’S TABLE: 17, “Little Things Affect Little Minds”. A frail (in poor health) old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and four-year old grandson.  He dropped peas, glass and milk. His small table was made separated and he was served in wooden bowl. One day four year grandson was making a wooden bowl for his parents as a play and as a result grandpa was taken back to family table to eat.
026. FATHERS EYES: 17, A teenager lived alone with his blind father, and the two of them had a very special relationship. Father was all the time encouraging his son who was fond of football (soccer). On the day his father died he played exceptionally minding that his father was looking at his game with his eternal eyes.
027. BUTTERFLY AND COCOON: 19, A man found a cocoon (shell) of a butterfly. Kind man saw restricting and struggling butterfly through the tiny opening from cocoon and helped the butterfly to get through the tiny opening with a pair of scissors making it disable for the whole life. Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If nature allowed us to go through our life without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as what we could have been. And we could never fly...
028. THE OBSTACLE IN OUR PATH: 19, In ancient times, a king had a boulder placed on a roadway. A peasant removed it and found a purse of gold coins and a note. Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve one’s condition.
029. THE WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING: 20, Appearances are deceptive. A wolf once got the skin of a sheep flayed and thrown aside. Wolf was able to deceive the vigilance of shepherd and his dog.
030. DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! 20, You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who they think can do nothing. Stanford family established University in California when Harvard President didn’t paid due attention. The family waited for four hours in the secretary room, was looking a memorial for their son who studied at Harvard for one year and was accidentally killed.
031. MOUNTAIN STORY: 21, “Your life is not a coincidence. It’s a reflection of you!” Echo of life is reality. Love, competence, championship, bravery, ahhh, who, admiration, coward etc.
032. A LESSON FROM A FROG TALE: 22, This simple story contains a powerful lesson. Your encouraging words can lift someone up and help him or her make it through the day. Your destructive words can cause deep wounds; they may be the weapons that destroy someone’s desire to continue trying - or even their life. Your destructive, careless word can diminish someone in the eyes of others, destroy their influence and have a lasting impact on the way others respond to them. A deaf frog saved his life while the other died in a deep pit.
033. WEAKNESS OR STRENGTH? 22, The boy’s biggest weakness had become his biggest strength. 10-year-old boy who decided to study Judo despite the fact that he had lost his left arm in a devastating car accident. “He won for two reasons,” the Sensei the Japanese teacher explained. “First, he almost mastered one of the most difficult throws in all of Judo. And second, the only known defense for that move was for his opponent to grab his left arm.”
034. JUST P.U.S.H! 23, A man was commanded to push the rock with all his might, he did but obviously it was not movable. As a result his body was built strong enough.
When everything seems to go wrong .................................. just P.U.S.H!
When the job gets you down ............................................... just P.U.S.H!
When people don’t react the way you think they should ... just P.U.S.H!
When your money is “gone” and the bills are due ............. just P.U.S.H!
When people just don’t understand you ............................ just P.U.S.H!
P + U + S + H = Pray + Until + Something + Happens
035. DETERMINATON: 24, Even the most distant dream can be realized with determination and persistence. In 1883, a creative engineer named John Roebling thought to build a spectacular bridge connecting New York with the Long Island. Nobody was agreed but only his son. John died in an accident and his son seriously injured resulting speechless. For 13 years son was passing instructions by tapping fingers on his wife’s arm to his fellow engineers until completion of spectacular Brooklyn Bridge. A tribute to the triumph of one man’s indomitable spirit and his determination not to be defeated by circumstances and engineer’s team work. Half of world considered him mad but love and devotion of his wife of decoding the message to other engineers.
036. THE CRACKED POT: 26, A water-bearer had two large pots, each hung on each end of a pole which he carried across his neck. One of the pots had a crack in it. There was a row of flowers on cracked pot side but not on the other side. “Each of us has our own unique flaw. But it’s the cracks and flaws we each have that make our lives together so very interesting and warding. You’ve just got to take each person for what they are and look for the good in them”.
037. GOD EXISTS: 27, “Ah, barbers do exist, what happens is that people do not come to us.” “Exactly!” - Affirmed the client. “That’s the point. God does exist, what happens is people don’t go to Him and do not look for Him that’s why there’s so much pain and suffering in the world.”
038. A BOY WITH STRONG BELIEF: 27, My Yaqeen (belief) is my provision and my feet’s are my conveyance. God helps when you step in His way.
039. A VERY POWERFUL STORY: 28, “Say Your Prayers Before Prayers For You Are Said.” “Namaz Parh Is Se Pehle Ke Teri Namaz Parhi Jaye.” Last minute prayer is like an old man weak on the Day of Judgement to help.
040. WORDS & ACTIONS SHOULD BE SAME: 29, Always make sure that your actions and your words are same. The saint gave up sweet for one month which he liked much and then advised the poor father’s son to give up.
041. YOU'RE MORE PRECIOUS THAN PEARLS: 30, “Your body is sacred. You’re far more precious than diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too.” Everything that God made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to; diamonds – deep down in the ground, pearls in the bottom of the ocean and in the shell, gold – way down in the mine.
042. THE ONE-EYED DOE: 30, “You cannot escape your fate.” A doe was very careful due to its one eye blind. But the hunters attacked from blind side.
043. THE CAGE BIRD'S ESCAPE: 31, The owner fond of songs was feeding caged bird in golden plate. While going on business trip the bird messaged other birds, “Tell them I sit full of sorrow in a cage singing my captive song. Day and night, my heart is full of grief. I hope it will not be long before I see my friends again and fly freely through the trees. Bring me a message from the lovely forest, which will set my heart at ease. Oh, I yearn for my Beloved, to fly with him, and spread my wings. Until then there is no joy for me, and I am cut off from all of life’s sweet things.” Listening the message, one bird had fallen down dead! This was the message the wise bird sent to be dead to get out of the cage. If you want to be with the ones you love, you must be ready to give up everything, even life itself. And then, by Allah, you will win your heart’s desire.
044. THE THREE WISE MEN: 32, 3 Qs – center of the world, number of stars, number of hair on the beard of man;        Ans – under my right foot, number of hair of the donkey, number of hair on the tale of the donkey. Silly Qs – silly Ans. He also told; bury me in old grave so that I can escape from being questioned by telling angels that I died long ago.
045. THE CLEVER BOY: 33, This story teaches us that we should not be quick to judge the people. The boy told owner who lost his donkey; blind, lame and carrying wheat – by ate grass on one side, different footsteps and wheat on the ground. The village chief didn’t punish.
046. A MERCHANT AND HIS DONKEY: 33, The merchant laughed at him and said: “You foolish donkey, your trick had been discovered, you should know that, those who are too clever sometimes over reach themselves.” The donkey and the owner carrying salt – donkey slipped into river, once accidently then deliberately, then he loaded with sponges.
047. THE ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER: 34, Islam teaches us that we should help the less fortunate. But it also teaches us that we must work hard and not rely on the kindness of others for our daily needs. Ant was using food in winter which she stored in summer telling the lazy singer grasshopper begging from her.
048. THE FOX WHO GOT CAUGHT IN TREE: 34, Yes children, this is the result of doing something without thinking about it first. A fox was caught in deep hole of trunk of the tree and ate too much food which woodcutter had saved for his lunch. The fox became too big to get out of the hole.
049. CATS AND ROOSTERS: 35, When the king of the roosters (male chicken) found out that the cats knew that he had lied to them, he ran away. Now, whenever roosters see a cat, they scurry (run) away, because to this very day they are afraid of cats. The poor cats were finding ants and feeding to roosters. Cats were afraid of the red color combs of roosters that would fire the cats with their combs.
050. THE PROUD RED ROSE: 36, The red rose felt too ashamed of its past words and behavior to ask for water from the cactus, but then it finally did ask the cactus for help. The cactus kindly agreed and the birds filled their beaks with water and watered the rose’s roots. Thus the rose learned a lesson and never judged anyone by their appearance again. Pine tree (wise), rose (proud) and cactus (generous). Cactus has water in winter for birds, plants everyone.
051. THE SELFISH MAN: 37, This story teaches us to be always honest as dishonesty never pays. A selfish lost and found his thirty gold coins through his friend’s daughter. But his greed lost the chance.
052. YOU ARE PRICELESS: 37, TO THOSE WHO LOVE YOU; But no matter what has happened or will happen, you will never lose your value: dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, you are still priceless to those who love you. A new and crumpled, dirty $20 bill have same value; so is the human being.
053. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PLANT:38, Emperor,s successor selection – one year with planting boiled seeds; all of them substituted except one who was selected successor.
If you plant honesty, you will reap trust. If you plant goodness, you will reap friends. If you plant humility, you will reap greatness. If you plant perseverance, you will reap victory. If you plant consideration, you will reap harmony. If you plant hard work, you will reap success. If you plant forgiveness, you will reap reconciliation. If you plant openness, you will reap intimacy. If you plant patience, you will reap improvements. If you plant faith, you will reap miracles.
But If you plant dishonesty, you will reap distrust. If you plant selfishness, you will reap loneliness. If you plant pride, you will reap destruction. If you plant envy, you will reap trouble. If you plant laziness, you will reap stagnation. If you plant bitterness, you will reap isolation. If you plant greed, you will reap loss. If you plant gossip, you will reap enemies. If you plant worries, you will reap wrinkles. If you plant sin, you will reap guilt.
054. GENEROSITY: 39, "Overlook and forgive the weakness of generous people, because if they fall down, Allah gives his hand in their hands and helps them…." Imam Ali (AS). Mahatma Gandhi’s campaign collecting funds for the Charkha Sangh. He honorably/carefully collected the copper coin from an old lady who had the only coin which she gifted.
055. THE CRYSTAL BALL: 40, A shepherd found a glittering crystal ball with a voice of fulfilling desire. His cheerful disposition amazed other people. The palaces and gold/jewelry brought only pain and loneliness to the people. They wished the real natural happiness. This story teaches us that we should be happy with whatever we have and not to be greedy.
056. THE SIGNS OF HAPPINESS: 41, A happy young couple was advised by a wise man to bring a piece of shirt to guarantee their happiness forever. The king complained of no children, another complained of too many children. A poor man was looking happy but had only one piece of shirt, he was wearing. Holy Quran (20:123-124) says: “Whosoever follows My (Allah’s) guidance, will not lose his way or fall into misery But whosoever turns away from My message, verily for him is a miserable life.”
057. HOPE AND GREED: 42, A very old lady was brought in front of caliph. She was gifted some money. She again came back and requested for every year. She was granted but died on the way back. Hope and greed grow with old age.
058. FOUR WIVES: 43, Guess what? It is actually the only thing that follows us wherever we go. Perhaps it’s a good idea to cultivate and strengthen it now rather than to wait until we’re on our deathbed to lament. 1st wife is our soul often neglected, 2nd wife is our family and friends carry us to grave. 3rd wife is our possessions – wealth, position – go to others after death. 4th wife is – most beloved – our body, it’ll leave us when we die.
059. LION, RATS, SNAKE & HONEYCOMB: 44, Dream; The scholar said, the lion you saw is your death. It always chases you and goes wherever you go. The two rats, one black and one white, are the night and the day. Black one is the night and the white one is the day. They circle around, coming one after another, to eat your time as they take you closer to death. The big black snake with a dark mouth is your grave. It’s there, just waiting for you to fall into it. The honeycomb is this world and the sweet honey is the luxuries of this world. We like to taste a drop of the luxuries of this world but it’s very sweet. Then we taste another drop and yet another. Meanwhile, we get lost into it and we forget about our time, we forget about our death and we forget about our graves. “This world is like a serpent, so soft to touch, but so full of lethal poison. Unwise people are allured by it and drawn towards it, and wise men avoid it and keep away from its poisonous effects.” Imam Ali (AS)
060. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HEART: 45, Physical perfection is not always beautiful. Old man’s heart is a mess of scars and tears. Because the people old man loved, didn’t return; some returned making empty block filled but not exactly, making it more beautiful.
061. THE CLUB 99: 46, Striving for more is always good, but let’s not strive so hard and for so much that we loses all those near and dear to our hearts, we shouldn’t compromise our happiness for moments of luxuries! Making 99+1=100.
062. REPENTANCE: 47, Last 30 years repenting showing happiness his shop was not burned but all others gone; neighbor rights.
063. THE NEIGHBOR: 48, “That man is not from me who sleeps contentedly while his neighbor sleeps hungry.” Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Ayatullah Sayyed Mehdi Bahrul Uloom, teacher of Sayyed Jawad Ameli, a great Mujtahid, instructed him about his neighbour.
064. A BOX FULL OF KISSES: 48, In a very real sense, each one of us, as humans beings, have been given a gold container filled with unconditional love and kisses... from our children, family members, friends, and God. There is simply no other possession, anyone could hold, more precious than this. A 3 year old daughter who died soon; presented Christmas gift to her dad; that was empty; she told it is full of her kisses.
065. THE THREE COWS: 49, Divide and rule policy. A lion; a white cow, a black cow and a reddish-brown one. How the lion divided them by color and ate each of them.
066. A WHITE HAS NO SUPERIORITY: 50, This is a true story against racism, which is not usually told. All mankind is from Adam and Eve; an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black, nor does a black have any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is the brother of another Muslim, and that Muslims constitute one brotherhood. A black man sitting next to a white lady was given business class on complaint of white lady who didn’t feel easy to sit next to black.
067. GHULAMHUSSEIN AND THE GAME: 51, Card game intoxicating and mentally distracting addiction (mind captivating) cost a life of a guest. Evil and harmful effect of an indoor game. "Abstention from sins is better than seeking help afterward." Imam Ali (AS)
068. FINDERS KEEPERS: 51, A precious stone was returned to wise woman requesting her to gift that which enabled her to give that precious stone.
069. BANDAGE OF COMPLAINT! 51, Thirty year person tied his head due to headache as bandage of complaint, never tied bandage of thankfulness.
070. AN AGED STUDENT: 52, When Sikaki was presenting an inkpot, meanwhile scholar-literary person entered. Started studying but failed. Then he saw water falling on stone and made a hole. He tried and become a scholar of his time.
071. WEALTH - LOVE – SUCCESS: 53, The old men replied together: “If you had invited Wealth or Success, the other two of us would’ve stayed out, but since you invited Love, wherever He goes, we go with him. Wherever there is Love, there is also Wealth and Success!!!”
072. LOVE AND TIME: 54, “Time?” asked Love. “But why did Time help me?” Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and answered, “Because only Time is capable of understanding how valuable Love is.”
073. ALWAYS THANKFUL TO GOD: 54, To one letter Arthur Ashe (the legendary Wimbledon player), when he was suffered AIDS replied: The world over 5 Crore children start playing tennis, 50 Lakh learn to play tennis, 5 Lakh learn professional tennis, 50,000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, 50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to semi final, 2 to the finals, When I was holding a cup I never asked GOD “Why me?”. And today in pain I should not be asking GOD “Why me?” Be thankful to GOD for 98% of good things in life.
074. THE MAYONNAISE AND THE COFFEE: 55, A philosophy class professor; filled jar with golf balls, then pebbles, then poured sand, then two cups of coffee. Jar represents life; golf balls - important things, your God, family, your children, your health, your friends, and your favourite passions things. Pebbles - other things that matter like job, house, car; sand - everything else the small stuff. Time of Coffee with friends.
075. THE BAR: 55, Bar was burned with whole night prayers. The presiding judge, after his initial review of the case, stated that “No matter how this case comes out, one thing is clear. The tavern owner believes in prayer and the Christians do not.”
076. LESSONS ON LIFE: 56, During a study cycle pear tree was giving different look in winter, spring, summer and fall. You cannot judge a tree, or a person, by only one season, and that the essence of who they are and the pleasure, joy, and love that come from that life can only be measured at the end, when all the seasons are up. If you give up when it’s winter, you will miss the promise of your spring, the beauty of your summer, fulfilment of your fall. Don’t let the pain of one season destroy the joy of all the rest. Don’t judge life by one difficult season. Persevere through the difficult patches and better times are sure to come sometime or later.
077. THE ROSE WITHIN: 56, Rose blossom through thorns. Thorns are faults /defects in life. The true helper is the one who may help other to find rose from thorns of past. The most favourable friend to me is that who shows me my flaws. Imam Sadiq (AS).
078. PUT THE GLASS DOWN! 57, Problems of life. A glass with some water in it may weigh 50/100/125 grams but holding it in hand for 1 hour/ 1 day sours the hand. Trust in Almighty and have tranquillity (calm). Tranquillity is sign of strong faith while worries and stress is sign of weak faith. Every before going to sleep put the glass down. By worrying so much, do not turn your life to hell.
079. MAY I NEVER GET TOO BUSY: 58, An old man in dire need frozen situation was looking into eyes of riders to ask for help - kindness and compassion. Holy Quran (Hashr 59:9) has said: “And they give them preference over their own selves even though they are in need.”
080. DON’T WE ALL: 58, need help in one or other way. A car cleaning/wiping person outside mall waiting for his wife saw a ragged person. On asking would he need any help. “.....Even a smile can be charity.....” Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)
081. THE STRANGER IN THE GARDEN: 60, The stealer claiming servant of God – working for him was beaten by the owner as servant of God with stick and tied with rope with tree. Permission needed to other’s premises.
082. TO TELL THE TRUTH: 60, in school broke big window glass with baseball. On asking the teacher from a class of 30 students one raised hand and got a good book as a gift as reward for truthfulness. "Do not be like persons on whom advice has no effect; they require punishments to improve them. A sensible man acquires guidance through advice, while brutes and beasts always improve through punishments." Imam Ali (AS)
083. WHEN THE WINDS BLOW: 61, I can sleep when the wind blows. When you’re prepared, spiritually, mentally, and physically, you have nothing to fear. The hired hand in the story was able to sleep because he had secured the farm against the storm. We with faith secure ourselves against the storms of life by putting our trust in the God, Our Prophet (SAW) and his Ahlul Byat (AS), We don’t need to understand, and we just need to hold His hand to be secure in the midst of the storms.
084. THE ROPE: 62, A mountaineer slipped and hanged with rope. He called God for help. He listened voice, cut the rope. He didn't and died frozen only one foot away from the ground. And We? How attached we are to our rope will we let go?? Don’t ever doubt about the words of God. We should never say that He has forgotten us or abandoned us.
085. THE SHIP: 62, two broken boat survivors on an island. They decided to pray on opposite sides of island to see whose prayers were accepted. All the prayers of one side – food, house, wife etc were accepted but on the other side nothing. When he prayed to leave the island, he was told – his friend was praying for acceptance of his prayers. For all we know, our blessings are not the fruits of our prayers alone, but those of another praying for us.
086. THE CLEVER KING! 63, there was a country where king was chosen only for 1 year and then sent to an island where forest animal kill him. They chose a young king out of broken ship. He was wise. He right away visited that final destined island. With his wisdom and resources, he made it very liveable and safe. After one year time to be on that place he was quite satisfied. Somebody asked Imam Hassan (AS), Why are we reluctant to die, why don’t we like death? “Because,” replied the Imam Hassan (AS), “You ruined your next world and developed this one; naturally, you do not like to be transferred from flourishing to decline.”
087. THE ILLUSION OF REFLECTION: 65, big reward $50,000 for a lost royal necklace. A man walking along a dirty, filthy, polluted industrial river saw it in the water. The jumped in, got him dirty but of no use. The poor man mustered some courage and decided to put some faith in the saint who was passing by and asking to help him. The saint pointed him to look up, the necklace was dangling on the branch of a tree. Material happiness is just like the filthy, polluted river; because it is a mere reflection of the TRUE happiness in the spiritual world. “Happy is the man who always kept the afterlife in his view, who remembers the Day of Reckoning through his deeds, who led a contented life and who was happy with the lot that Allah hath destined for him.” Imam Ali (AS)
088. BUILDING YOUR HOUSE: 66, a hard work carpenter informed his contractor to get retirement. As a favor he was requested to build one more house before retirement which he built half heartedly using inferior material. To his surprise, when he was gifted that house as per appreciation of his work. But, you cannot go back. You are the carpenter, and every day you hammer a nail, place a board, or erect a wall. Someone once said, “Life is a do-it-yourself project.” Your attitude, and the choices you make today, helps build the “house” you will live in tomorrow. Therefore, build wisely!
089. SAND AND STONE: 66, on the in desert two friends argued and one slapped other. The hurt friend wrote on sand, ‘today my best friend slapped me’. Continued walking, while taking bath the hurt friend started drowning. He wrote on a stone, ‘today my best friend saved me’. The friend who had slapped and saved his best friend asked him, “After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now, you write on a stone, why?” The other friend replied: “When someone hurts us, we should write it down in sand where winds of forgiveness can erase it away. But, when someone does something good for us, we must engrave it in stone where no wind can ever erase it.” Learn to write your hurts in the sand, and to carve your benefits in stone.
090. A TEACHER’S PROTEST! 67, in a secular school there was a debate for designating a space for prayer. A teacher counted his long list of services for a tiny salary. While desperate being allowed to pray, he wrote; Dear sir, since I am sure that I will not be able to fulfil your expectations, nor I will be successful in my career WITHOUT prayers, “I resign willingly from the post.” The Administrator looked down for a while then suddenly declared: “Young man, go ahead with your job. You have taught me a very important lesson today: Without prayers and help from God, no work is a success. We shall make special arrangements for prayers from today.”
091. DO NOT DO EVIL TO ANYONE: 68, a man killed his wife accidentally. Now he was in fear of revenge. He got advice from an acquaintance. He advised him to behead a young man and blame them bad. He did to save himself. The beheaded young man was son of the advisor. One who digs a pit for others falls into it himself.
092. PUPPIES FOR SALE: 68, with little money a boy talked to buy a nice puppy, selected a slow one and then as explanation showed his special shoes and screw in his leg. The world is full of people who need someone who understands.
093. OFFFICE BOY: 69, to be have an email and work hard to be a millionaire. Having no email he was refused to be hired as an office boy. Through hard work he was able to establish a food empire company.
094. ONE BEDROOM FLAT: 70, after retirement from service in India father got a nice one bedroom apartment. After doing MBBS and spending many years in UK, I migrated back to India with a 2 bed room apartment in a nice area. This all exercise is not worth.
095. THEY ARE NOT IN NEED: 71, of your presents. Hazrat U’thman asked Hazrat A’bdullah Ibn Masud; what depress you; he replied – my sins. Any wish; he replied - God mercy. Need to call doctor; he replied – doctor made me sick. Money from Public Treasury; his answer was no. For daughters; they are not in need of your presents, Ibn Masud replied tersely (abruptly). I have instructed them to recite the chapter Al-Waaqiah every night, for surely, I have heard the Holy Prophet (SAW) say: One, who recites the chapter Al-Waaqiah every night, shall never be afflicted by poverty. “The honor of a Mu’min lies in night worship and his esteem lies in his being independent of the people.” Imam Sadiq (AS) “Prayer reverts both what has been destined and what has not been destined.” Imam Musa Kazim (AS). 
096. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! 72, My mother was calling everyone beautiful. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Open and use another set of eyes. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Indeed Allah is Beautiful and He loves beauty.” In other place he (SAW) says: “A believer is beautiful because Allah has given him beautiful characters.” “Be like a honey bee which always sits on beautiful flowers.”
097. BE PATIENT: 73, Three year old son happily hammered new shiny truck. The man hammered the little boy’s hands into pulp as punishment. Doctors amputate both hand’s fingers. Boy said, “daddy, sorry about your truck; when my fingers will grow back. The father went home and committed suicide. “One who cannot benefit by patience will die of grief and excitement.” Imam Ali (AS).
098. THE FATHER AND HIS SONS: 73, Father made sense to quarrelling sons by binding together sticks. In Union there is strength. Divided we fall; United we stand.
099. A SENSE OF A GOOSE: 74, Birds use thrust of one another, fly in “V” form increasing 71% fly range. If a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag, when head goose feels tired, it rotates back and another takes the turn. If one got sick or shot; two other accompany and help until that one dies or get back to the “V” formation. Stand by each other.
100. MAKING A DIFFERENCE: 74, Hurling starfish back into water when tide became low. At least for those back into the ocean.

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