100 Moral Stories - LIST OF CONTENTS

001. A POND FULL OF MILK..01 – pond was full of water instead of milk.
002. DON'T CHANGE THE WORLD..03 – using shoes solved problem of king’s feet instead of leather all over.
003. THE TRAVELERS AND THE TREE...03 – simple branches were not looking very beautiful but providing shade.
004. LEARN FROM MISTAKES..03 – Thomas Edison experienced 2000 materials to find light bulb filament.
005. THE BOY WHO CRIED 'WOLF'....04 – joke and lie of shepherd lost his sheeps by wolf.
006. THE FARMER AND THE STORK....04 – Stork was accompanying cranes destroying corn sown field
007. THE HARE AND THE TORTOISE...05 – persistence of tortoise win the race.
008. THE ANT AND THE DOVE.....05 – dove saved drowning ant, ant bit hunter to save life of dove.
009. THE MONKEY AND THE DOLPHIN..06 – monkey’s boast irritated dolphin who saved monkey’s life.
010. THE FOX AND THE STORK.....06 – clever fox taught stork, shallow plate and long bottle to serve soup.
011. THE WOLF AND THE LAMB... 07 – lamb suggested wolf to let him dance so that fresh grass change into meat.
012. THE FOX AND THE GRAPES...07 – pretend no need when no availability.
013. THE THIRSTY CROW.....08 – wisdom worked, shallow water came up by putting pebbles into pot.
014. THE MILKMAID.....08 – big false plan for chicken/goat/cow farm, spilled the milk in hand.
015. PARABLE OF THE PENCIL...09 – 5 points, hand in, hardships, accept and correct mistakes, inner part, leave mark
016. THE BOY AND THE APPLE TREE....10 – play, eat, sell, cut branches/trunk, parents.
017. THE ANGEL...11 – mother for infant.
018. THE DEVOTED MOTHER..12 – duck for ducklings, pretend as she was sick to save from fox.
019. MENTALLY RETARDED!....12 – 9 physically, mentally retarded kids Olympics crossed finish line together
020. PAID IN FULL...13 – little kid billed his mom $14.75
021. BEAUTIFUL GIFT!..14 – on graduation Holy Quran
022. WHAT IS A FAMILY?....14 - $10+$10=$20/hr to spend with family
023. TRUE WEALTH..16 – rich father and his son visited and spend few days with poor farmers
024. A HOLE IN THE FENCE....16 – a short tempered boy put nails and pulled back with holes left in the fence.
025. GRANDPA’S TABLE.....17 – 3 year old grandson showed to make wooden bowl for his parents.
026. FATHERS EYES.....17 – blind father’s son played extraordinarily on the death day of his father.
027. BUTTERFLY AND COCOON.....19 – kindness of observer caused life disability for butterfly.
028. THE OBSTACLE IN OUR PATH..19 – boulder on the path by king to see who removes and finds reward.
029. THE WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING...20 – wolf used sheep skin to hunt lamb.
030. DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!...20 – Stanford family in Harvard seeing University's President.
031. MOUNTAIN STORY.....21 – echo of life, same as you behave.
032. A LESSON FROM A FROG TALE...22 – a deaf frog came out of deep ditch.
033. WEAKNESS OR STRENGTH?.....22 – a judo player win even his left arm was lost at the age of 10.
034. JUST P.U.S.H!....23 – Pray Until Something Happen, sufferings, obstacles, challenges, job, family, social.
035. DETERMINATION...24 – 1883 John Roebling his son Washington, 13 year tapping on arm of his wife.
036. THE CRACKED POT....26 – cultivated row of flowers all the way.
037. GOD EXISTS...27 – barber and his client white hair cutting.
038. A BOY WITH STRONG BELIEF....27 – Hajj trip, yaqeen (belief) provision, feet conveyance.
039. A VERY POWERFUL STORY.....28 – namaz at last minute saved with old weak hands from hell fire.
040. WORDS & ACTIONS SHOULD BE SAME........29 – stopping a boy from sweet 30 days stopped himself.
041. YOU'RE MORE PRECIOUS THAN PEARLS....30 – pearls, diamonds, gold very deep under pressure and hidden.
042. THE ONE-EYED DOE....30 – fate was there and doe was killed even though very cautious.
043. THE CAGE BIRD'S ESCAPE..31 – businessman message, die to get free.
044. THE THREE WISE MEN....32 - center of the world (under right heel), number of stars/hair of the donkey, number of          hair on the beard of man/tail of donkey       
045. THE CLEVER BOY....33 – one eye blind, lame, carrying wheat through signs; grass, feet, grains
046. A MERCHANT AND HIS DONKEY....33 – salt and cotton.
047. THE ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER...34 – winter planning of ant, lazy beggar grasshopper.
048. THE FOX WHO GOT CAUGHT IN TREE..34 – greedy fox stuck after eating too much in a narrow deep hole in a tree.
049. CATS AND ROOSTERS.....35 – clever chicken were using red/fire combs to fear cats to bring ants as food for them.
050. THE PROUD RED ROSE....36 – in winter was looking for water from throne plants.
051. THE SELFISH MAN...37 – 30/40 gold coins lost/found/lost in court.
052. YOU ARE PRICELESS......37 - $20 bill new/old has same value.
053. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PLANT.....38 – one year planting boiled seeds, successor of the king.
054. GENEROSITY....39 – copper coins of old lady more important than big donations.
055. THE CRYSTAL BALL....40 – shepherd, rich and poor change in environment.
056. THE SIGNS OF HAPPINESS.....41 – find and keep piece of shirt of happy family.
057. HOPE AND GREED... 42 – old lady, caliph Haroon, grow with age.
058. FOUR WIVES....43 – 4th dearest (body), 3rd dearer (status), 2nd dear (family, friends), 1st unlikely (soul).
059. LION, RATS, SNAKE & HONECOMB...44 – death, day and night, grave, comfort/luxuries of life.
060. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HEART....45 – young and old heart comparison, old one with many patches still not bad.
061. THE CLUB 99....46 – demand of more and more.
062. REPENTANCE...47 – 30 years crying, when he saw his shop was safe, all others burnt down. He said alhamdolillah.
063. THE NEIGHBOR.....48 – 2 big ulama said, not a Muslim who doesn’t care his neighbour.
064. A BOX FULL OF KISSES.....48 – 3 year old daughter died leaving box full of kisses.
065. THE THREE COWS....49 – divided by lion through their color; white, black, reddish brown.
066. A WHITE HAS NO SUPERIORITY...50 – a black man was given 1st class in flight when a white lady voiced discrimination.
067. GHULAMHUSSEIN AND THE GAME....51 – card game addiction.
068. FINDERS KEEPERS...51 – precious stone found by old lady and donated to a stranger on his demand.
069. BANDAGE OF COMPLAINT!....51 – 30 years headache bandage.
070. AN AGED STUDENT....52 – Sikaki an aged blacksmith decided to become scholar when he saw the king respecting.
071. WEALTH - LOVE - SUCCESS....53 – success and wealth followed love.
072. LOVE AND TIME....54 – time helped love to escape from island.
073. ALWAYS THANKFUL TO GOD.....54 – a world champion suffered AIDS. Out of 5 crore.
074. THE MAYONNAISE AND THE COFFEE..55 – jar; golf balls (most important activities)/pebbles/sand/coffee
075. THE BAR.....55 – belief of church people and businessman.
076. LESSONS ON LIFE....56 – pear tree in 4 seasons, sons of same father, different observation.
077. THE ROSE WITHIN....56 – rose blossom through thorns. Keep on watering, don’t let die.
078. PUT THE GLASS DOWN!....57 – before sleeping take off all suffering, believe in Almighty.
079. MAY I NEVER GET TOO BUSY...58 – an old man in frozen evening was looking for eyes with kindness and passion.
080. DON’T WE ALL.....58 - need help, wiping car outside mall got the message.
081. THE STRANGER IN THE GARDEN....60 – was beaten by servant of God, permission needed to take fruit.
082. TO TELL THE TRUTH...60 – broke big window glass with baseball and got reward for telling truth.
083. WHEN THE WINDS BLOW....61 – I sleep, active person’s routine.
084. THE ROPE....62 – mountaineer slipped and then stuck with rope before falling, didn’t cut the rope and died of cold.
085. THE SHIP.....62 – 2 friends on island, his friend was praying for acceptance of his prayers.
086. THE CLEVER KING!...63 – made the island liveable during his one year tenure and left happily.
087. THE ILLUSION OF REFLECTION....65 – saint guided to look up instead of trying in polluted, filthy, dirty industrial river
088. BUILDING YOUR HOUSE....66 – on favor request the carpenter built last house of his career half heartedly with inferior material. It was gifted to him for his services.
089. SAND AND STONE.....66 – in desert slap and hurt, on sand wrote; ‘today my best friend slapped me’. On the he saved his life; he craved on stone, ‘today my best friend saved me’.
090. A TEACHER’S PROTEST!...67 – he counted his services which he was rendering with nominal salary. While desperate of being allowed to pray; he wrote, I would not be able to fulfill your expectations. He was allowed to pray.
091. DO NOT DO EVIL TO ANYONE...68 – his own son was beheaded when he advised to a person who by mistake killed his wife and was in fear.
092. PUPPIES FOR SALE....68 – with little money to buy puppy, selected slow then showed screw in his leg.
093. OFFFICE BOY....69 – no email, no computer; but turned into successful businessman.
094. ONE BEDROOM FLAT....70 – Indian MBBS lost everything in UK in the myth of career planning. At the got 2 bedroom apartment in India, living all alone.
095. THEY ARE NOT IN NEED....71 - Hazrat U’thman asked Hazrat A’bdullah Ibn Masud; sura Waqea, my daughters are not in need.
096. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!.....72 – mother was admiring everyone. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.
097. BE PATIENT....73 – 3 years old son scratched new truck. Father suicided as a result .
098. THE FATHER AND HIS SONS....73 – sticks bound together.
099. A SENSE OF A GOOSE....74 – fly in V form increasing 71% fly range.
100. MAKING A DIFFERENCE....74 – starfish hurling into river.

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