6 Unique Stories of Prophets
Musa (AS) – praying for rain – the sinner repented – Allah (SWT) refused to expose.
Dawood (AS) – fifty people whispered and witnessed his goodness and Allah forgave him instead of show off as sincere.
Musa (AS) requested for evaluation of a pious worship – Allah (SWT) managed to tell him equal to glass of water
Dawood (AS) – and frog’s worship = 3,000,000 hamd and sacrifice of his own life all the time
Prophet Sulayman (pbuh) saw an ant bringing grain of wheat in the mouth of Tortoise and it was feeding a blind ant in the bottom of lake
Prophet Yusuf (pbuh) requested a jail companion to remind his matter to the Aziz to be released. Angel Gabriel (pbuh) appeared in the jail and made him look at the bottoms of the earth and sea - an Ant with a particle of grain in its mouth.

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