One Date Better than Big Treasure P 18/121 Book Page 35
Just King and Hospitality P 19/121 Book Page 37
Patience of an old lady P 28/121 Book Page 55
Better than Better (Musa AS and dog) P 50/121 Book Page 98
Small Child and Thieves P 54/121 Book Page 106
Strange Patient P 118/121 Book Page 235
Hospitality of a dead person P 10/122 Book Page 18
Patience of an old lady P 76/81 Book Page 148

Ayatullah Sayyid Abdul Husayn Dastghaib Shirazi (English)
(English and Urdu)
372/946 Beauty Maryam Yoosuf suffering Ayyoob as
373/946 Hazrat Imam Zain ul Abedeen as
162/946 Hazrat Nooh as
309/946 Hazrat Yoosuf as
358/946 Rozi Rasani
363/946 Hazrat Ayyoob as
483/946 Cow killing story
490/946 Darood
494/946 Haq e pidr
503/946 Disobedient son
503/946 Wall making by Mosa and Khizr as
504/946 What was written on that gold plate under wall
625/946 If whole world is opposing
626/946 Good news for sinners and threat for pious
628/946 When we don't help the needy
628/946 A man guided is big
629/946 Adultery penalty
633/946 Aulad and hooran e jannat
635/946 Tongue, Small insect on a king
641/946 Monkeys, Ants and Fish
697/946 Hazrat Zakrayya 120 year and wife 98 years
859/946 Not even for a single moment (dua)
860/946 Not even for a single moment (dua)
871/946 Meeting Hazrat Dawood as and Matta (as)

Charhday suraj dhalday waikhay, Bujhay diway balday waikhay,

Heeray da koi mull na taaray, Khotay sikkay chalday waikhay,

Jinna’n da na jag te koi, O v puttar palday waikhay,

Ohdi rehmat de nal banday, Pani ottay chalday waikhay,

Loki kehnday daal nai galdi, Main te pathar galday waikhay.

(Baba Bulleh Shah Ji)

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