100 Mouzo 500 Dastan - 400 Stories English Translated in the following 4 volumes
100 Chapters and Each Chapter has 5 stories in Urdu
80 Chapters - 400 Stories Translated in English in following 4 volumes
Worship and No Stress
45/5 - Blind and a person with Sizable Disability 

5/5 For English P46  For Urdu - Minister of Mamoon saved poet
11/4 P76 Migration night Hazrat Ali (AS) slept on Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) bed
11/5 P77 Hatam Tai slaughtered his horse
12/3 P81 Goats slaughtered - momin hurt
14/1 P90 Muslim jin give water to thirsty muslims
17/1 P108 Suspicion killed Jaloodi
18/1 P114 Sick patience
18/2 P114 Prisoner patience
22/5 P135 Hazrat Yousuf (AS) 7 years added
23/4 P140 No complaints
24/5 P146 Love of money - Umer ibn e Saad
25/1 P148 Love of money and ordinary pigeon guys
29/2 P170 Slaman Salama - Jahil
31/3 P184 Jealous neighbour killed for free
31/5 P186 envy – minister killed and villager escaped
53/1-5 P300 All 5 events - Brotherhood - Relatives - Sila Rehm
54/2 P307 Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS) and Government Servant - Government Jobs
56/5 P 318 Muslim Slave promise a deal with non-Muslims and no war
57/5 P322 Ali AS's Just in comparison with Moawia 
61/5 P344 Student and Sabzi Farosh
62/2 P347 Action no talks
66/2 P366 Backbiting
66/5 P368 The Telltale Slave
71/3 P390 Quran Recitation
71/5 P391 Quran, Muslims and Napoleon
76/4 P412 Respectable Destitute (Needy)
77/1-5 P415-418 Sacrifice - Embarrassment upon face while informing one's need - extinguished the lamp
78/4 P421 Difference between Allah and human wish
79/1 P425 Prophet Nuh's weeping
80/1-2 P431 The Banishment of the Sinners/Exile 
80/2-3 P432 Prophet Isa and Praying for the Rains
87/4 P470 Imam Ali AS's Conditions to be Guest
90/4 P485 Poverty and Richness
93/1 P496 Snake Frozen and Then Warmed up
93/3 P497 Heart and Tongue - Best and Worst
94/4 P504 Imam Ali AS's speech and Hamam Died
94/5 P505 Son of Haroon urrasheed
95/2 P509 Escape from Shatan
95/3 P510 Goldsmith kisses hand of a lady
95/4 P511 Shatan and Hazrat Ibraheem (AS), Hazrat Ismaeel (AS)
96/2 P514 Value of Knowledge - Imam Hasan (AS)
96/4 P517 Imam Mahdi (AS) Helping a Man 
97/3 P520 Neighbour Teasing
98/4 P525 Friendship Important
98/5 P526 Friendship and Meeting
100/1 P532 Fat Guy Cured

Following are important events for reference:

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